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Strap Madness !!!! PHOTO OVERLOAD >>>>

March 18 2017 at 4:04 PM

from IP address

You've got to love coming home after a long days work and finding the postman has something waiting for you!!!
My wife calls me crazy and sick. I tell her it's no different than her earrings or bracelets happy.gif

1st 2 straps are from Greg Stevens. Greg makes an awesome strap. I've been buying his product since the early 2000's and they last the test of time. The older they get the better they wear!
1st is from his famous Crazy Horse collection and 2nd is a Green Canvas I grabbed for the summer here at the beach!
2nd package contained a Micah Black Shark w/ gold stitch. This thing looks amazing on the 372 IMHO. The stitch color matches perfect w/ the dial and hands. Picked this one up on the Acc Corner earlier in the week thanks to Jeremy.

photo 18B4AA9C-5F1C-4A5A-9A29-FECE8385C752.jpg
photo 50829C60-6FFE-4447-8115-AF1FAC74AE4C.jpg
photo 5EEB4A45-45F4-48D6-A3C2-F5D02EE46FE8.jpg
photo 1FA95582-0BB9-4352-9E99-B48697D0D5E6.jpg
photo C4460EFF-B33A-432B-AFFF-66A4B2F42562.jpg
photo 654B5694-412B-497F-AF3E-57440F719089.jpg
photo 6B7E317A-128F-45E7-A3B7-1BD8F6CC4E93.jpg
photo 3B85F010-3A86-4F1C-B1F3-F8FB72B1ABC2.jpg
photo FEA69AAB-8C59-4DCE-A549-346C03B8ADA7.jpg
photo C2F444C4-1DB2-4B2C-97E9-021B762E81D3.jpg
photo 18DCF191-8D0B-4431-9C44-0BEF7FE43D5A.jpg
photo 81DA26A9-AC7C-4C02-AF98-B6C852EC2531.jpg
photo EF5603A4-4E84-49DE-BA3D-9F04A1F9D23F.jpg
photo 074B06BF-FF94-4E94-9395-E33EDFBF4B5E.jpg


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