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thoughts about the Bettarini case

April 14 2017 at 12:22 AM
Al  (Login Nebbiolo)
from IP address

Not sure this happens to others who have several watches that share wrist time. Some times after a bit of time off the wrist, you look at an old friend a bit differently...

Does anyone else think that titanium shows off a Bettarini case better than SS? When looking at my 176 on my wrist, the shadow lines of the case are more apparent than on a polished Bettarini case, like on my 390. Maybe it's due to more Ti oxidation on my 176 after all of these years of nothing but an occasional wash and drying with a microfiber cloth? In my 10 years of enjoying this site, I don't recall anyone bring this up. I even searched, but since nothing turned up maybe it's just me. I know many folks feel strongly about preferring painted dialed Luminors with a Bettarini case, but no mention of metals. Even though I do like 1950 case, I also enjoy the cleaner design of the Bettarini case, which seems to get less love. In my opinion, nice to have the variety in your collection.

I do tend to regain fondness for a watch after a short absence. Without the massive watch box of someone like Nad happy.gif, I never have an extended absence, but even a few weeks of hibernation gets the blood running again.

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