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P.3000 movement winding sound

April 14 2017 at 8:31 PM
JohnFM7  (Login hesalitedome)
from IP address

I just purchased a beautiful new 673. It's my first 47mm Panerai and I'm beginning to understand the passion and enthusiasm for this brand (my only other Panerai is a 564).

I have one question and concern, however. When I wind the watch normally with thumb and forefinger, the sound and feel are smooth and quiet. If I wind more quickly with only my index finger from below, the sound is slightly harsh and raspy -- not horrible like something is broken, but just not as smooth and quiet. I don't experience this with the 564, which sounds pretty much the same no matter how its wound.

I've heard that the grittier sound could be external (crown rubbing slightly on crown guard due to upwards pressure with one finger winding) or internal (crown stem related). I've also been advised that it's better to wind with two fingers for more even pressure, though I also know a Panerai watchmaker who believes that index finger winding shouldn't be a problem.

I'm curious to know if anyone else has experienced this slightly rougher sound with one finger winding. By the way, I'm pretty gentle and careful with things, but it is easier to wind faster with one finger than two.


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