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You guys are great! Can I indulge in a couple more dumb questions?

April 18 2017 at 3:02 PM
Andrew  (Login deputydog95)
from IP address

Response to There are o-rings and seals around pusher stems in the same way there are seals >>>

This watch, if I'm not mistaken, has the p9100 automatic movement.

It keeps really good time. Like within a couple seconds per day. Been checking it against the official time atomic clock and this watch is surprisingly accurate.

I do occasionally let it die from lack of use. Goes the full the 3 days though before it quits. Impressive.

When I start my rolex sub after sitting a long time, I typically give it around 35-40 turns to get it going and then wear it regularly. Keeps great time.

I've been doing the same for this PAM580. If it's dead, then 35 to 40 turns to get it started, and then wear/enjoy. As I said, it's keeping great time.

Dumb questions I know... I've had a couple pam's in the past, but it's been years. Finally coming back to the brand. Loving the watch. Thanks for your patience.

Does 35-40 turns sound about right to get an automatic panerai going and fully "charged"?

You can't overwind an automatic panerai, right?

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