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Sorry Asi!

May 18 2017 at 6:27 AM

Christian Lückert  (Login Panerai-1950)
from IP address

Response to Christian, please note rule 8 above.

Hi my friends,

is rule No.8 new? Is it necessary to delete my post directly? Yes, perhaps it was wrong not to contact one of the mods before posting, my failure. What´s wrong to do good things to other people, in this case to do something good to the Duomo of Florence.

And the discussion about the straps? I don´t think that these straps are "Uglydolls", Cengi has donated them for this action, he has spend his time for making them and for this hes has my deepest respect. Cengi you are great!

I can accept your decision, it´s your playground, thank´s for your support, but I think especially in this "Panerai community" it´s normal to help each other that´s the Panerai spirit we all so love and why we are here!

Have a good day.

Kind regards

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