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The purpose of a public forum............

May 18 2017 at 8:50 AM

Rapers  (Login rapers)
from IP address

Response to If you want to talk about ghastly, I will refresh your recollection...

is to act as a place where ideas and opinions can be freely expressed as long as those ideas and opinions comport with the rules of the forum.

You didn’t like my bracelet a little while ago? Absolutely fine with me. I quite like it. You expressed your opinion. It differs from mine. No problem with that.

I didn’t like the straps being auctioned? I expressed an opinion (on reflection, maybe a little too strongly). You disagree? No problem with that.

Self-righteous? Patronising? What tosh! I merely expressed my opinion as to the types of charity to which I choose to donate. I agree wholeheartedly that Christian’s a good chap – here our opinions coincide – and I made no criticism of him.

You seem to espouse the view that any critical or dissenting opinion has no place here in the Public Forum. If anything could be regarded as mildly offensive, obnoxious, and dour...................

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