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there is a world beyond the UK, really

May 18 2017 at 8:55 AM

Ferry  (Login ferry.monne)
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Response to Sorry, Christian, I'm not going to bid

I respect your donations you do in the UK for good causes, but I have a problem that as the world traveller you are not feeling obliged to look at noble initiatives beyond the UK borders like this one.

Charity for children never reaches every child, but most of the time just a small group of children and the ones not in the limelight miss the boat. Same goes for medical research, rare diseases most of the time don't even get air-time, like lung cancer, heart diseases and diabetics get all the attention, not just for a noble cause, there is also an enormous industry depending on it. If you are very concerned about children, I could start a new charity program for children in India every week, you have been here, you must have seen the need.

Going now fast forward to the charity initiative of the Paneristi Club Germany who have as part of being a registered club in Germany an objective and goal to raise funds for charity every year, you can't always focus on one good cause otherwise people will turn blind and deaf.

So this year it is the Duomo in Florence the Paneristi Club Germany want to support with a donation made possible by the Paneristi community. They need something that moves Paneristi to open their wallets that makes a substantial donation even possible, straps could be a motivator.

Cengio did his part, put his blood, sweat and tears, material and labour hours in creating 5 straps for this charity initiative, this can only be called noble.

You can always not like certain straps made by certain strap makers, what is nice or not is a personal preference.

Criticizing the design of the straps Cengio made for this initiative is in this case to my opinion not a respectful thing to do. If at all you would win one of the auctions, you could donate the strap to one who does appreciate design and feels happy with it. In the essence the bid on the auction is to donate for a noble cause and not by definition get a strap at a super-price.

Sometimes it is better to say nothing than unnecessary criticize by sharing your personal point of view and opinion that could hurt those who try to do something for a good cause and pro bono.

My 2 cents (or 1.5 INR)

Best regards,

Dutchman, Panerista since 2014 and learning
PAM389 and PAM372 and a bunch of straps

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