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That was me Charles. At the end I wrote its a slippery slope. >>>

May 18 2017 at 6:41 PM
Cm  (Login ChrisMeadsss)
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Response to So bloody sick of the strap fanboys dominating every post on the forum ...

It's just enevitable we're going to see not only fans of brands but flat out shilling from guys we aren't familiar with. Give em and inch they take a mile. Not pertaining to anyone in this post. Just a general opinion after years of being on here. I hadn't logged on to this portion of the site for a while and was quite surprised by what one can only be seen as ads. Sure no link but doesn't take a genius to find out. I fear it will just become one after another. Maybe you guys (I know this takes your time and the rest of the mods.) maybe open a new link to strap reviews or something? I love straps the same as everyone and could post Adeeos stuff anytime I wanted. Customer photos etc but that's a shill game plain and simple. For those that have come in the past two three years might not see the end game, which I understand. Like I said in my fiirst post, it's a slippery slope.
T.O Risti

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