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Re: Deployment vs Tang Buckle, which do you prefer?

May 20 2017 at 12:18 AM
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Response to Deployment vs Tang Buckle, which do you prefer?

Hi Chris

Welcome to the community and congrats on the your classic 111.

If you've looked through many of the older threads with photos, you've no doubt noticed the Very high percentage of Paneristi with traditional buckles. The members who have the often documented strap addiction virtually always run buckles and some sub-specialize in buckle variations. Owners not so afflicted commonly still use deployment clasps on their original OEM straps.

My wife and I make use of both styles of closure and enjoy them equally. We've not encountered any deployment malfunctions causing dropping of our timepieces but then, we're pretty careful. I actually like deployment but I agree with some that the narrower straps required aren't always my favorites. And, as I've seen reported, I think dippers find the deployment clasps easier to attack when stealing watches from ones wrist.

If you aren't careful you might fall under the influence of strap fever and your decision of buckle vs deployment will probably disappear.

Have fun and enjoy your new absolute favorite watch.

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