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Re: Need help! Which to buy and who to buy from?!

June 12 2017 at 5:56 PM
Jeremy   (Login CT372DUDE)
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Response to Need help! Which to buy and who to buy from?!

Hey man welcome. I'm sorry to hear you got ripped off before. Honestly there are some really really great people on this site that can 100% be trusted, but just like any site that deals in items with high monetary values you will find some scam artists trying to find someone to take advantage of. It's a shame but unfortunately that's the nature of this world . If you do your due dillegence, run reference checks, get the opinions from some long standing members and talk to some people etc you can definitely find a nice deal from a legit person. Just don't rush into anything until you are 100% sure.
Also like Eric said above, you may have to alter your expectations a bit, gonna be tough finding a nice chronograph under 5k.
Good luck man , I hope you can find what you are looking for

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