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Re: One could have bought a NOS 9A back in 2001 for $2000 >>

June 12 2017 at 7:40 PM
Juan  (Login btocamelo)
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Response to One could have bought a NOS 9A back in 2001 for $2000 >>

Don ... some great points which I always think about when purchasing a watch. My reference is my father's 1675 Rolex GMT Master ... I was with him when he bought it at the Miami AD for $550.00 in 1974! ... the old man really used the hell out of it, banged it up, would do yard work with it, jump in the ocean, etc ... still that watch is probably worth $3K to $4K ... sadly, he had no idea back then about keeping boxes and papers.

I'm somewhat half/half ... I purchase for the joy of wearing it, but I try not to purchase a model that I feel will have a lower resale value in the future ... being a man of limited means, reselling is how I recoup funds to purchase other pieces.

1. so why do Rolex hold or increase in value?

2. how does this investment thinking translate to Panerai? ... a maker that is based on production numbers, yet produces so many different models? ... are tritium dials valued? Pre-V models? Any of the automatic movements models rare and collectible?

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