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I have no constructive suggestions...

June 14 2017 at 11:43 PM

DesmoFan  (Login DesmoFan)
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Response to Travelling to Germany (Dusseldorf and Berlin)

but I have to say, you just brought back some great memories for me. I lived in Dusseldorf for a "work/study" semester once upon a time. The Alt Beer was significantly cheaper than bottled water and the nectar of the Gods. Many good times were had LOL. The meat & potatoes diet of the region didn't exactly disagree with me either. I ate like a king every day at the factory/office cafeteria, nothing like what we would have here in the U.S. if such a thing even existed.

Have a great time, take/share many pics, and be sure to eat as many Doner Kebabs as possible.

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