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Pam 111 Issue...

June 15 2017 at 3:52 PM
Hampton   (Login hwest1013)
from IP address

Hello my fellow ristis! I have a quick question I was hoping one of the old pros could help me out with. I recently purchased a Pam 111 under warranty. I've really enjoyed it. Over the first few months I've owned it I noticed it was randomly dying overnight after a full charge (at least I think so) the previous morning. I wind my watches every morning. This happened 8-10 times before I realized something's not right and sent it to Ft. Worth for service. Ft. Worth receives the watch, I speak with them and they inform me that they are "adjusting the rate of the movement," and doing "maintenance service -- CAL 6497." So, I'm thinking great, they found the problem and are fixing it.

So, I received my watch back from service Tuesday and am all excited. I give it a full charge Tuesday and it's keeping awesome time and running like a champ. Awesome. I wind it Wednesday morning (and even wound it a few times during the day Wednesday to ensure it was fully wound) and all good...or so I thought. I woke up this morning and the watch died at 6am. Totally dead. The spring was totally unwound and had no resistance when I began charging it after it died.

Am I doing something wrong here? The 111 has a 56 hour power reserve. I don't get why it died last night after a full charge. I wind it until there is significant resistance. I don't think I can wind it anymore without hitting the backstop.

Any thoughts on what I should do? Again, am I doing something wrong? I don't think I am. I just don't think it should be dying after being charged the previous morning. Any advice would be much appreciated!! Many thanks, Hampton

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