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"Significant Resistance...."

June 15 2017 at 4:07 PM
Gorilla Wrists  (Login Gorilla_Wrists)
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Response to Pam 111 Issue...

When you say significant resistance, do you wind until it stops? With my manual wind watches (including my 112) there's a very obvious sign when you've fully wound it - you cannot turn the crown anymore or something will clearly break. I only ask as I've read many threads where someone just isn't winding enough. Panerai's have a 50-some hour reserve, so it takes quite a lot of winding from stopped to max it (my 112 gets over 60). If it'll keep winding, keep going, you won't break it.

Part of why I love manual wind watches is knowing they won't die overnight so this would certainly be a frustrating issue. As you've just had it serviced, it should be in great shape. If you're fully winding it, you may need to send it back again - should be covered under warranty.

Good luck! Keep us updated!

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