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SG 1717 gtg Final Report ( Modem burner....)

July 6 2017 at 9:58 AM
Kelvin Ong  (Login kelong66)
from IP address

As reported earlier, please find the final report for the main event for GTG over the last weekend.
For more photos, please refer to the post on FB. Do let me know if you need the link.

The group shot
photo 072_01jul2017sam_zpsuzdrgyoc.jpg

For the lucky few :>
photo 005_01jul2017sam_zpsixygupgb.jpg

The first 2 lady Guest
photo 004_01jul2017sam_zpsquwb8pbj.jpg

In the flesh.......
photo 010_01jul2017sam_zpsrlbatn2i.jpg

Some of the shots from the events
photo 016_01jul2017sam_zpsymuuujfn.jpg

Team SG with Philip
photo 018_01jul2017sam_zpsbko0nqkt.jpg

photo 020_01jul2017sam_zpsrva46m0d.jpg

Just fot the night.... how i wish :>
photo 022_01jul2017sam_zpsubm5sftk.jpg

photo 027_01jul2017sam_zpspuv19kn0.jpg

No intro needed for these 2
photo 029_01jul2017sam_zps1vezfhce.jpg

photo 036_01jul2017sam_zpstqroza7v.jpg

photo 044_01jul2017sam_zpsqgpxfzpp.jpg

photo 046_01jul2017sam_zps7b4x5nbv.jpg

photo 048_01jul2017sam_zps1g7nqltw.jpg

photo 052_01jul2017sam_zps5ct6eewu.jpg

photo 050_01jul2017sam_zpsrjvczbaz.jpg

Adidas is loved here in this part of the world....
photo 056_01jul2017sam_zpsbhdnaltz.jpg

Happy Victor
photo 061_01jul2017sam_zpswuuc7o2d.jpg

Common sight in GTG/ P Day.....
photo 079_01jul2017sam_zpspks2zvwk.jpg

Great White Shark.....
photo 082_01jul2017sam_zpser6socr8.jpg

photo 098_01jul2017sam_zpsgwsop5v2.jpg

The most liked person here
photo 127_01jul2017sam_zpsh8jkrqni.jpg

photo 129_01jul2017sam_zpsxf6gydvn.jpg

Anyone feeling lucky ???
photo 142_01jul2017sam_zps8twqv7ft.jpg

GF announcng .....
photo 154_01jul2017sam_zpsv3cewbpt.jpg

Some of the lucky winners for the GTG
photo 160_01jul2017sam_zpsshxa3d17.jpg

photo 174_01jul2017sam_zpszimtnqwl.jpg

Am sure the Sassicaia is what we want... Kidding :> Anna
photo 191_01jul2017sam_zpslo2auz8y.jpg

photo 226_01jul2017sam_zps44nmhho6.jpg

photo 237_01jul2017sam_zpsco5ddlbi.jpg

photo 242_01jul2017sam_zpsdgcu1t6m.jpg

photo 250_01jul2017sam_zpsdfptyqe5.jpg

photo 260_01jul2017sam_zpstqivaayf.jpg

Getting ready for the table shots....
photo 264_01jul2017sam_zpsayvwps7w.jpg

photo 280_01jul2017sam_zpsif4n5198.jpg

photo 287_01jul2017sam_zpsuwdcyso1.jpg

photo 312_01jul2017sam_zpsewoldzpu.jpg

It was really an evening well spent.

For the following day, for those who are still around, treats from GF......
photo 2017-07-02 20.03.51 - Copy_zpsshysgnmf.jpg

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[Imgur]([linked image]) [Imgur]([linked image])

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