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Unboxing Time

July 7 2017 at 5:32 PM

DesmoFan  (Login DesmoFan)
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Finally got Imgur working so here we go. I actually purchased these in February (still late!) but a snafu with the USPS meant I didn't receive them until May. Couple that with moving right around that time and let's just say I've been busy.

Looks international...
[linked image]

Non-Descript Green Boxes, Hmmm
[linked image]

That's Better
[linked image]

The quality of this set is truly amazing. Love the leather binding and the little touches like the built-in bookmark ribbons & embossed cover. Goes without saying that the paper & images are beyond ridiculously good.
[linked image]

If you've never seen these in person it's a little hard to convey the sheer size. I grabbed some of my other books and a bottle of my medicine from the fridge for comparison purposes.
[linked image]

Did I mention they're absurdly heavy? The two new books alone are probably at least 20lbs. If anyone is on the fence about buying these, it's absolutely worth it. Amazing piece of kit to have around the house just to show off even if you never read a word (which I haven't yet, still busy!)

Well done Volker & Ralf, well done

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