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PAM 685's front Crystal: Sapphire (according PANERAI site) or Plexi?

July 10 2017 at 3:31 AM
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Hi all,
I'm a bit confused about this piece.

I've been researching it & some on-line articles (they all seem to be "cut & paste" of one another), say that it (as well as the 687), have a Plexi mounted, as well as a spare Plexi in the SE box. I guess this would also explain the (Pathetic) 30Mt Water Rating.
The PANERAI site states that it has Sapphire mounted on front & back & spare Plexi in the box.

One article states "Those who value functionality over nostalgia, on the other hand, will be pleased that there is also an option to switch this scratch-susceptible crystal with a more durable sapphire option."
(See below)

Anyone know for sure?

Thx BP

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