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30 Mt Water Resistance ....

July 14 2017 at 4:05 PM
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Response to "Pathetic 30 Metre"

...only recommended for light water splashing & not recommenddd for even swimming (as used on many dress watches).

I'm aware that for proper diving you'd need a deeper rated watch.
My point: which you missed is:
Coming from a brand which made its history based on "dive watches", I think such a rating is "pathetic".
It makes me think that plexi crystal watches can only be rated at 30Mt?
So how does that explain the original 372s?
I know the 685 has a screw down crown so I'd assume it's water resistant (?), for swimming & splashing around.(?) at least.
So why not Rate it at 100Mt?, or even 50Mt?
So if swimming (which isn't recommended with s 30Mt watch) causes water damage then what? Is the the warranty void
When it comes to having it repaired?

The confusing thing about this piece is that it's a modern version of a dive prototype, manufactured usng the latest techniques, but you cannot even swim with it, because of it's rating....

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