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Week 6 Project Pocket Watch & the art of Black Polish >>>

July 15 2017 at 3:34 AM

Hammer   (Login ThunderDownUnder)
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Rebuild PW week 6

Project PW week 6 with a big shout out to all the Risti from the land upside down πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

Now I had a great M8 help make some GR8 suggestions as to how I could improve this portrayal of this project πŸ’₯

So of course I instantly disregarded it - ever since a GPS issue I'm wary πŸ˜’ of this bugger πŸŠπŸŠπŸƒπŸƒπŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

But I do hope that as we get into it the format (or lack of) I'm using will be easier to follow and towards the end (200+) images πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ I'll take a few images from each weeks post and combine in one all consuming post from start to finish - well that's the plan as time is tough now I'm finally up it's not emails I need to catch up on - well ok πŸ‘Œ them too ♿️πŸ’₯πŸ˜œπŸ‘‹πŸ»

Now here we go :

Week 1 : Forming 2 facets on the only 2 flat topsides of the case to better direct πŸ‘€ to week 2 post >>>

Week 2 : Completing the design and engraving for some black inlay - again the facets lead both ways >>>

Week 3 : Enter the Movement >>>

Week 4 : Tear Down >>>

Week 5 Clean and resemble check fit and function before the RM60 final Clean >>>

Week 6 >>>

Well we will deffo need these >>>

photo FullSizeRender_4.jpg

One more assembly to check all is working before the final strip (nooooo not that kind of strip kevin) and yes still working aside an escape wheel that was actually not correct to the mvt and pinion was too tall turns out the escape wheel bridge was bent up by hand slightly to accomodate the longer escape wheel pinion - now that was a problem this wheel must alight so Swiss perfectly for the pallet fork to work and the movement to be able to keep accurate time --- so out went the WTB Cortebert 620 escape wheel add's - no luck so ok still works let's fix that later -here are the parts all ready for the cleaning after the final (thank the lord - rebuild) the keyless works assembled which control the stem position to access winding and setting etcetera - >>>

photo IMG_2496.jpeg

Winding works out (but what's that brass thing ?) Black is the new Polish >>>

photo FullSizeRender 8_2.jpg

Anyone ? Anyone ? Bueller ? >>>

photo IMG_9815.jpg

It's a super easy and friendly tool to FLAT polish a screw head - or movement component - add zinc to the emory or micron paper and micron paste - example the screw goes in the collet to hold it and you use a level to ensure it's perfect flat then with some emery paper and .25 micron diamond paste moving in circles of the number 8 gives a perfect flat polish - even if you use a micro motor same problem - a wheel is circular and as such can't give a perfectly flat finish - so this is a simple and easy tool to achieve a nice flat polish on a beaten up screw head >>>

photo IMG_9816.jpg

Various stages of the strip down after I resembled for the 2nd last time to check fit , finish and function >>>

photo FullSizeRender 8.jpg

Or you use my FAV vintage tool - you place in a vice - screw goes into collet - and with diamond powder / paste you use one hand to spin the shaft with the collect and screw - and the other to turn the wheel - 3 wheels starting with one and slowly moving to the final lapping wheel the wood - so you have Tin - galvanised - zinc or other and wood - it takes hours to do just a few screws but this was the way the artisans did it and whilst it's a bitch to set up and takes so much longer - old world skills and tools mean so MUCH to me as we're loosing the true artisans in this world and that's a crying shame for me to see - old world charm wins for mine >>>

photo FullSizeRender 73.jpg

Spin the right wheel one way with one hand and with the other turn the shaft the other direction and slowly as you go the final finish can't be beat >>>

photo FullSizeRender 70.jpg

You can use a lathe belt to turn the collet holder but defeats the integrity of the purpose >>>

photo IMG_9923.jpg

Most of the parts out >>>

photo FullSizeRender 58.jpg

Removing the keyless works - setting lever - setting screw - clutch lever - setting bridge - winding pinion - clutch - the setting lever seats in the stem and allows the setting stem to move the clutch and crown winding gear between winding and setting time >>>

photo FullSizeRender 66.jpg

We have also the detent spring - setting bridge gone - then the small gears - intermediate wheel & post - minute wheel & post - hour wheel & post - cannon pinion - still with the setting lever - detent spring - set lever screw and set lever etcetera >>>

photo IMG_9960.jpg

Well here it all is and lord help me to remember how to put it all back without the left over parts I have when I buy from IKEA >>>

photo IMG_9961.jpg

Bit more >>>

photo IMG_9964_1.jpg

photo IMG_9966.jpg

photo IMG_9967.jpg

Quite clear the balance pinion & hairspring is effing stuffed >>>

photo FullSizeRender 13.jpg

Time to bring in the new replacement parts >>>

photo IMG_9969.jpg

What the ? What am I up too on the top side of main plate πŸ’­ >>>

photo IMG_9971.jpg

Something is starting to look πŸ‘€ different ? >>>

photo FullSizeRender 2.jpg

After some hand cleaning and manual work we add some .05 micron paste >>>

photo FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Mainspring Barrel , pallet fork bridge and Top Plate is getting some attention >>>

photo IMG_9986.jpg

All paper - paste and dust - no Fru Fru NOT that kind of dust u freak >>>

photo IMG_9986.jpg

Taking shape at .5 micron >>>

photo FullSizeRender 11.jpg

photo FullSizeRender.jpg

Might as well add the Mainspring barrel too >>>

photo FullSizeRender 3.jpg

Getting there >>>

photo FullSizeRender 5.jpg

Mirror mirror on the wall who is the shiniest of them all .25 micron >>>

photo FullSizeRender 8_1.jpg

Damn I can see my reflection πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜±>>>

photo FullSizeRender 8_1.jpg


photo IMG_0016.jpg

The RM60 is a final finish and clean machine it's a circular carousel that picks up with stacked trays and moves it through @5-7 fluids that each do a different thing and they use agitation to work rather than say ultra sonic's which can badly remove various coatings and finish >>>

photo IMG_0017.jpg

photo IMG_0021.jpg

Takes around 20-25 minutes for the cycle >>>

photo IMG_0023.jpg

Ohhhhhh Yeah >>>

photo IMG_0024.jpg

Starting the FINAL πŸ™πŸ» Reassemble >>>

photo FullSizeRender 20.jpg

Timegrapher to regulate the watch - the first read out gives seconds fast or slow - 2nd is amp and 3rd is beat error - so that when the tick and tick is not or is in equal separation - so not so good here seconds rate in that 1 position is good but beat error is bad - hard to explain but will try to in next post >>>

photo IMG_0581.jpg

Same again whilst 0 in the seconds +- is GR8 - 9.9 beat error is as bad as Kia after a bikini Brazilian wax >>>

photo FullSizeRender_1.jpg

Not too bad a test now I guess (new mainspring has plenty of amplitude TFS >>>

photo IMG_0575.jpg

Wait a minute ? What's this ? >>>

photo FullSizeRender_3.jpg

Not what your thinking (that's also what she said) >>>

photo FullSizeRender_2.jpg

Now we're getting ready to marry the movement and case I've noticed the case pendent has a tun of slack - >>>

photo IMG_4372.jpg

Should sit FLAT - going to have to sort this >>>

photo IMG_4373.jpg

See anything interesting ?? >>>

photo IMG_4373.jpg

The route to take to make the pendant sit flat on the case (it's been yanked on a fob chain for what could have been a very very LONG TIme - after all it's vintage vintage - the goal was to place a streaking tool to splay the inner posts out or wider that would bring the pendent back into flat position >>>

photo IMG_4380.jpg

photo FullSizeRender_5.jpg

Fixed as you will see in the final post next week πŸ‘Œ

Now before it all we had this >>>

photo IMG_1662.jpg

And I've decided against this blued look πŸ‘€ perhaps a bit too much going on still a KOOL look but >>>

photo FullSizeRender_6.jpg

Kinda looking a bit like this now >>>

photo FullSizeRender_7.jpg

Black Polish ? What is it ?

Well there is an old world artisan πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ¨ method to highly polish a component so that when you angle one way you see perfect shine and angle a few degrees the other way and you see the component as Black - black polishing well it's hard work to do it bang on and allot of practise but worth it - this is the sort of finishing the big haute brands do on movements not the blunder down under - anyway when I'm finally done I'll clean this aspect up a bit more so you can really see but hope this gives an idea - shine on the crown wheel outer and on the ratchet wheel >>>

photo IMG_4441.jpg

Angle up or down BLACK >>>

photo FullSizeRender_8.jpg

The parts I black polished are the ratchet wheel and the outer crown wheel πŸ‘πŸ»

Ok the FINAL part is too marry the movement and ? Case see week 1 - then ? Select the dial and hands or ? Leave her naked ?

That's where I need your help - next post will show the marriage and the possible dial options - and I'd beg for you all to vote on your fav choice - what you think is the best to go with ? This I can't wait to hear as I have some pretty KOOL options - been a long road and oh btw I finally found. 620R escape wheel corona style - so the escape bridge is now at 90 degrees and perfectly flat with the wheel is happy as Larry - which is what I will be when I'm done - well - I have another Panerai vintage project to follow and this one is a very early very rare 3646 pre 1940 - in this I will delve into much more detail - like the balance cock , end stone , regulator arm - balance & pinion - as all of those are well rooted - dunno if anyone is at all interested in this stuff but it's where I go to put my mind in a better place when life family and the disability get too much or I can't sleep 😴 I just love working with my hands and happiest at the bench - my nirvana (till I bugger something up anyway) 😱😱 happens too often on such precision instruments 🎸

That's all for now but please wait on the final post as I truly need and will allow the community to vote on what next - some pretty KOOL options - your vote will make the decision on the dial of style and on topic πŸ™πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Some small teasers >>>

photo IMG_0625.jpg

photo FullSizeRender_11.jpg

photo FullSizeRender_10.jpg

photo FullSizeRender_9.jpg

photo FullSizeRender_12.jpg

So many more options to come πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

And remember no animals were injured during this project and as a hobbyist I'm trying my best - I only wish I had a 1/100th of archers skills then I could really be happy - oh and some of his tools also feel free brother if you want to send any of your old tools down under would be a great resting place I really need to get some better diagnostic tools and oh - a dry tester machine - heck I'll even take his old screw blades and reshape - well a Wally in a Wheelchair can't be fussy you learn to take anything you can get πŸ€—πŸ€—

HAGWE Mates πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ίβ€οΈβ™ΏοΈπŸ˜„πŸ‘πŸ»


From my "Heart of Hearts", for any Help, Support or Simply "Spreading" the WORD ..........

!!!!!!!! Thank You So MUCH !!!!!!!!

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