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It depends a lot on what other Pams or Other watches you

August 4 2017 at 7:27 PM

Mike Aeromat209  (Select Login Aeromat209)
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Response to 249 vs. 587

Already have .

If you already had a Pam 372 ,662 ,663, 605. or other 47mm Laminar Pams . The 249 !
If you already had a couple or just one Radiomir . Then the Pam 587 .
The 587 is also a true sandwich dial where the 249 is a painted in sandwich dial very different from angles . Looking at both watches straight on you don't notice but from aside view you do !

Hope you get my angle on this .
I have a Pam 232 Radiomir brother to the 249 and wears really flat and light for dress shirts or casual .
The Plexi crystal on the 249 sits higher on the wrist than the 232 flat Sapphire crystal but the same movement and weight

Here is a picture of my 372 closest to the 587 But the 372 has a crown guard and different hands /with a 232 showing a straight on shot and you can't discern the sandwich dial
[linked image]

Here is an angled shot showing the sandwich dial of the 372 .

[linked image]

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