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So Painful

August 5 2017 at 9:15 PM
Ryan Wenkus  (Login thewink14)
from IP address

Response to 249 vs. 587

To read the response of the same negative person over and over again when ever someone asks a simple question. I also love that everyone somehow forgets thats its not that easy to just see these pieces in person. Two LE's that are long gone from ADS's. So looking at pics on IG and asking questions is all part of the journey. This is a great way to gather the much needed info. Congrats for considering these 2 great watches. I have owned both and for me its a no brainer - the 249. Yes it has gone up in value since it was released and the 587 has dropped. Part of that is prices were much better back when the 249 was released. The 587 is a great wearing watch, but its big and a little bulky. If you want a rugged large watch the 587 would be great. I like the 249 because you can wear it with jeans or a suit, with a amo strap or a OEM Gator ( it wouldn't look very good with a strap from mr. grumpy ). Love all of the opinions that everyone has. You should gain enough insight to make a decision. Good luck with your journey as thats half the fun.

BTW, the 721 wont effect the value of this watch. Craziness.

Here's my 249 and my old 587

[linked image]
[linked image]
[linked image]
[linked image]

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