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Yes, should listed to Peter. PayPal is not for watches.

August 8 2017 at 10:31 AM

eric s.  (Login hkgweilo)
High Heid Yin
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Response to I hear you but...

It's a generally accepted practice that buyers take the risk.

Personally, I demand 100% wire transfer payment upfront. If someone doesn't like that, then I don't sell to them. I would never accept PayPal for anything I cannot afford to lose, they're service is terrible. Checks..forget it.

Even wires, you need to be careful that it's really a wire and not a "bank deposit"...where someone deposits a check into your bank, it shows up as a "deposit". You think the wire came in and ship...but in reality, the check will bounce.

I don't need to "buy the buyer" because as long as the money is really there, I will sell to anyone... wink.gif

There are more ways for a seller to swindle you (fake watch, mis-described, no watch)...that's why vetting the seller is more critical.

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