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Scammers /scam′mers/ noun [c] >>> A few thoughts on staying safer.

August 8 2017 at 3:55 PM

Peter Fruehling  (Login Acro-Pilot)
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...and this is in no way a recommendation or advice. This is simply perspective that comes from all the CRAZY stories I've heard of "deals gone bad" over the years. On occasion, we end up getting a bit of "behind the scenes" on situations that don't make the public forum. Again, just a bit of sharing for the $.02 that it's worth. Each time we think we've seen it all...SHEESH!

Keep in mind, no one that had these things happen to them, thought it was going to happen. They had a "GREAT" relationship with this person via email, WhatsApp, text. "The seller / buyer seemed so nice and even had kids." (exactly what they wanted you to think...they're good at this.)

PayPal: We've talked about this one. Proceed at your own risk. It seems to be fantastically popular with thieves on BOTH sides of the transaction.
• Seller can ship you a fake watch or a box of rocks and it's your word against theirs.
• Seller can ship you nothing at all and disappear after collecting and transferring your $10k...I hope PayPal will give it all back to you.
• Buyer can claim you sent him / her a fake and return a different watch than you sent them. Again, your word against theirs.
• Buyer can reclaim funds saying you shipped a box of rocks or that the the package was stolen off their porch

Face to Face: Going to meet someone you don't know and sharing that you'll be out on the street carrying $10k in cash. (GOOD IDEA!)
• Seller brings a fake watch hoping that you are not able to identify that it's fake
• Seller blags you blind as you arrive at the coffee shop...including the watch you were wearing to go pick up your new one.
• Buyer blags you blind as you arrive at the coffee shop...including the watch you were wearing to go sell your watch to your new email pal.
• Buyer / Seller has their best mate knock you over on your way back to the car.

Work with a reputable dealer: There are several well known dealers here that can help source watches and find buyers.
• This removes virtually all the guesswork. Is there a cost? Yes. Is it worth it to remove the questions on a big investment? It is for me.
• Seller can feel safe knowing that the money will be coming to him / her from the dealer.
• Buyer can feel safe knowing the watch has been inspected and will be coming to him / her from the dealer.

Meet at an OP Boutique or AD: Safe space with security and staff able to authenticate the watch.
• This needs to be set up with the boutiqoe or AD ahead of time and their will be a fee...good investment if you ask me.
• Seller can drop the watch off ahead of time so the AD can inspect it and authenticate the piece as a neutral party.
• Buyer can feel safer being in a secure environment with cameras and security guards while carrying cash.
• Buyer / Seller can both proceed or back out more safely in a neutral environment

This has been said ad nauseam but I'll share it one more time because it truly is the golden rule. Buy the buyer / seller! We all get emotional about's one of the reasons we're here. I'm as guilty of this as anyone. The times I've found myself getting in to a potentially sketchy situation is when I have become more focused on the prize than the plan I was working to get there.

Again, take this for what it's worth...roughly USD $.02. I'm just seeing a few more scammers hard at work as of late and want to make sure we're all being careful out there.

One love, Ristis!
- Peter

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