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An update on the most painful night a parent could endure. Our intentions for Covac .....

August 10 2017 at 10:45 PM

Paddy  (Premier Login Kingsholm14)
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Have met an obstacle.......

I want to keep this post informative but not divulge the names of any children for security reasons.

Some of you know of a recent house breakin and attack of one of our most beloved members. Covac. Worse than the loss of his Panerai's and their jewelry that was precious to their family, these amazing parents are still coming to terms with the savage beating endured by their young children by the demented late night intruders.
I had mentioned to a few friends that as a community we should react and respond to Ade's pain by showing our love to all of them, and I would offer up my 605 that Ade so loved ( his was stolen that night ).
Many delay factors came into play in putting this plan together.
I needed to reach out to all, yet keep it quiet.
I needed a mule to transfer it to UK.
I needed a final date to ensure an accompanying poster could be made up.
We were also trying to see if we could secure Ade to attend PDay to receive it. But as you can imagine leaving a house again under such recent circumstances is not an easy challenge.
I too was dealing with a family illness and was hoping my family would come to America sooner but we had to wait for surgeries and prognosis to make such decisions. Maybe they could have met Ade in the U.K. on their return.
In the course of such obstacles Adrian, unbeknownst to our thoughts and plans, managed to secure a 605 from a family member.
I had to come clean. I called Ade, and after a good chat, Ade had to request some space and alone time needed to talk to his family of our response and outpouring.
However, what can't be forgotten is the horrific treatment and pain their children suffered. Added to it, recently, a very special teenage birthday gift was given to their extremely brave son. A watch. A true parent/son moment. It was also stolen that night and that sadness is just as painful and remembered as his late night beating.
So without getting too detailed, Ade and I thought that maybe we could replace the parent/son watch with the donations to date and the balance of monies raised travels to Australia to the Sporting Wheelies. If you saw the gift ceremony of Ade presenting the watch you will know why this watch was so special to Ade Jr.
On reflection that is where our intentions should have been focused. As a terrible parent I will take the blame for not recognizing such a moment or opportunity to lift a child up !
So that's where we stand. I will gladly refund any donations to date but I would love it if we could replace this special piece and also support a mentor to us all. Hammer.
Please respond as you feel and thank you all for keeping this so quiet, respecting Ade's need for privacy and hopefully we can show his whole family what they truly mean to us.

P x

Ps. It's not too late to join this cause. Reach out to me and I will include any and all. I'll cap off the date mid to late September.

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