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Re: Needed information on Pam 113

November 1 2017 at 1:21 PM

Nigel  (Login njw1969)
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Response to Needed information on Pam 113

You should get a screwdriver if your receiving a full set ..

1. If not it's a 1.6mm cut-out (to prevent slippage) screwdriver flat

2. If you want to buy some spare tubes ;
I think they are 2.7mm OD

3. Strap length is dependent on wrist size and how much 'tail' you want, so largely personal preference.
Standard OEM is something like 115/75 and for large wrists 125/90. For extra 'tail' the long part can be 150 + (these are usually by non-OEM or bespoke made)
My preference when I was having them bespoke made was 140/80 but sometimes when I didn't want lots of extra strap flapping around I would prefer 115/75

The standard strap with the 113 is tapered 24/22 at buckle. So if buying a new strap, either get a 24/22 or 24/24 and buy a 24mm buckle

I've lost touch a bit with Panerai lately so maybe I'm a little out here or there. But someone will eventually chip in with facts . . .

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