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Still don't get why people seem to think that price has to do with quality >>

November 7 2017 at 3:47 AM
DON  (Login DONAG)
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Response to Would you put cheap tires on a Ferrari?

Is a $60 strap made with Horween leather going to be poorer than one that sells for $150.00?

People were paying a seller $200 for straps that the seller stated on his site he got for an old leather chair found in the trash.

What was the quality of that leather? People based the quality on the price and not the leather

Here's an email I got from a customer

"Are you still in the strap business? I hope so...last one was good for almost 7 years of use"

That was a $30.00 strap he bought

Price has nothing to do with quality when it comes to most leather straps. It has to do with quality workmanship
and construction.

Even a supposed quality strap can be poorly constructed

18 years and only 12 straps returned for repair or replacement

How many car of the year awards has Ferrari won compared to Toyota or Honda?

If you want to use your analogy. The Japanese cars are poor quality and cheap compared to the Ferrari, but I can bet those cars will spend more time on the road and less in the shop than the Ferrari


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