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December 5 2017 at 1:55 AM

ArifS  (Login samen)
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Response to I think you're inferring a political ideology onto an inanimate object. A watch can't >>a

A watch is a time-telling instrument...

If you relate an ideology with the watch then it's a belief of your own choice.
We don't discuss conscience but rather a watch passion we shared, in my
humble opinion.

There are tons of watches brands that are worn during war, Seikoshas by Pearl Harbor
Japanese kamikaze bombers, IWC by allied bomber pilots and other novelties as well like
Leica cameras documenting war, Canon, Nikon, mention military shoes, fatigues, even canteen
water bottle. You relate each of them with sentiments and ideologies then we have
ourselves a soap-opera instead.

It's purely subjective rather than objective. I would rather stick with the later.

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