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Re: PAM 721 “Nazi Kampfschwimmer”

December 6 2017 at 5:09 AM
Pam673  (Login Pam673)
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Response to PAM 721 “Nazi Kampfschwimmer”

My goodness. The 721 must be the most controversial release from Panerai since the actual 3646 Kampfschwimmer.

I guess there are a number of ways to look at the motivation of this watch. My personal take would be to look at it as Panerai wanted to reissue a 3636 type D for their passionate watch collectors who likes the simplicity of the anonymous dial.

From that angle it is very clear that the motivation was never intended to glorify Nazi Germany in anyway as Panerai themselves were also a victim during that difficult period.

Some people might take offence in that Panerai would now reissue a historical watch that has close ties with Nazi soldiers. I understand that and there is no way to get around it as people have different backgrounds, ideologies, believes and different life experiences.

Therefore I believe that it is absolutely reasonable for some people to not like the watch. Conversely I believe that it is also absolutely reasonable for someone people who will appreciate the reissue of this historical model as it was a watch that Panerai did released and used in battlefields during WW2.

For people who do not like the history of this watch they obviously will denounce it completely but I hope that they have the heart to embrace other motivations of this watch and understand why some people might appreciate the watch.

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