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December 6 2017 at 7:11 PM

Dave  (Login peezie)
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Response to Absolutely this question is appropriate

Why any model? Anything and everything Panerai does or has done has references, direct or indirect, to Italians riding on Ace and Gary submarines bombing Allied vessels. This seemed to be OK up until this particular infraction because at some point, they did so on the Allies' behalf? Help me out here.

Look, the issue here is that these watches are historically accurate, blended with today's market realities. The tough part about history (and also what makes it so fascinating) is that it's not pretty, events are morally vague, and details occupy grey areas. To me, no other watch takes as ballsy an approach with a reissue such as this. I find it bold and worthy of respect. Why? Primarily because it deliberately eschews today's virtue signaling mentality permeating society. They took an historically significant piece, waited until the "anti-Nazi" astroturfing reached a fever pitch -- THEN sprung it on us. Taking this unflinching, non-revisionist approach to history is exactly why, if for no other reason, this piece should be respected and sought after. To my knowledge, no other brand has attempted such a statement.

In the case of Soviets, they're responsible for the deaths of millions. Same with the Chinese, same with Nazis, same with many regimes, all for different reasons. Why we choose to single out one group speaks more to our sense of what we "should" view as the penultimate evil, rather than just taking a step back. Inanimate objects have nothing to do with the actions of the user, and moral outrage often stems from another unrelated agenda.

Don't like the watch? Don't buy it.

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