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the 721 Miami

December 7 2017 at 9:50 AM

fletch01 (marcus)  (Login fletch01)
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Response to PAM 721 “Nazi Kampfschwimmer”

is very nice and close to the original only small different things are the different 6 and 9 and the longer hour hand

[linked image]

the clean dial is the same like the 448 or the 249...

here a close up between 448 to 3646 Cali

[linked image]

but the case of the 448 is thicker cause the 3646 Cali is a painted Dial

[linked image]

To say that this is a Nazi watch is very very sad and wrong and even not fair. The watch has no change to take a choice which will wear it and nobody was killed by a watch.
And not all soldier (also german kampfschwimmer) was Nazis. They had made the service by his country when the country said they has to do (otherwise their will be killed), they has no chance. Every war has bad and dark sides and not only all german Soldier was Nazis.

Not all American Soldier from the Vietnam War are guilty for the My Lai Massacre

I will see you in this time when you has the decision between service or die and there are so much more watches which was worn by bad people (Che Guevara - i know a lot of people which don't like him cause he killed people)

[linked image]

...this is the sight if you will bring bad Karma inside the community. If you look positiv you say the 3646 Kampfschwimmer watch is the first issued Tool Diving watch. The mother of all diving watches which were used as tool like Milsubs, like Tudor MN, like Tudor Ci, like Comex etc.

[linked image]

now you has the choice to be positiv or negativ

i like old diving watches together with all the stories behind and the development of Divingwatches and this starts with the 3646

This are my two cents

Thank you

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