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I’ll stick my neck out on the block and say honestly this forum has affected nearly all my

February 2 2018 at 2:04 PM

Paddy  (Premier Login Kingsholm14)
High Heid Yin
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Response to Question for Discussion - What does Panerai DNA mean to you?

Buying decisions.
By that I mean when a watch comes out I find it interesting that so many diverse opinions draw me to my decision.
Just take the 24 sub for example. Titanium or polished. Hobnail dial. Artistic options but never any doubt it is a Panerai.
I think today’s era is offering more art than fact. It has to. We feed off the fact that these watches were so rare in the day. So how can we not expect creative diversity for this name to survive. Whether we like it is one thing. Whether we think it is disrespectful to the identity is totally different. That is another topic for another day. Take the PAM 98 alarm. Totally out there. Yet welcomed into the fold. It’s nice but meaningless. It’s a sought after Panerai though. We didn’t kick up a storm then. We possibly will now though as a new leader comes into our house. If we see more car related designs ie the Porsche era, then we will see flaming posts, and a demand for DNA.
So far Panerai have always reminded us one way or another it’s a Panerai and we all can see what that link is. We are educated now, thanks to this forum, and can discuss whether a blank dial is disrespectful to a sector of the world. I think that is fine. And I think modern variations are fine. This rumoured railroad design is gorgeous. That it is a version of a wall clock hanging in Florence gives it a link. It’s not DNA but a link. And that is the thin line we are about to walk.
The DNA buyer is limited now. The link buyer is their future. I like some link watches. I had a 9A. I love the 605.
Happy on both scores. But I think today’s shopper will look to the 605 candy first. Society throws pizzazz daily in our face.
My era of loving my father’s Omega is fading. Cherish your 1A.
Long live the link. God bless our DNA. Let’s hope Panerai continue with good designs to remind us why we are still here daily.
I ramble. I too need my coffee. X

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