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Meet a Risti #3

February 7 2018 at 9:55 AM
Stratos  (Login StratosZ4)
from IP address

1) Tell us a little about yourself

My name is Stratos and I am coming from Thessaloniki, Greece. I have completed my undergraduate and postgraduate studies in UK, before returning to Greece. Did my mandatory military service for 9 months and have been working since then. Along with my brother we are in detergents/industrial laundry business. Also, I have just established a start-up and I am really happy overall with what I do.
Moreover, if you happen to follow Paneristi Hellas in Instagram, I am that guy!

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2) Tell us something about yourself that most people would be surprised by

My thing has always been cars and not watches. I write as a contributor in an automotive magazine, do some test/track-driving and I have a regular column where I write about supercars from the past. The second thing just might be the fact that I did not own any Panerai watch until May 2017.

3) What are the things you love to do?
I enjoy playing tennis, something I have been doing for a little over a year. Not that good just yet but I am trying hard to get better. Also, have been doing some leisure scuba diving during summertime while being in Greek islands.

4) How did you get interested in watches?

I was always into watches. My father was traveling frequently while I was a kid in many different countries for business purposes and I can remember that I was always expecting him to bring me either a digital watch or the football/soccer jersey of the team playing at that place he had visited.
I am not into collecting watches. I like to think of myself as one guy who is always has something nice/interesting on his wrist. My watch-forum presence started in 2012 and since then, I have owned several watches. I like to wear my watches and enjoy them 24/7.

5) How did you discover Panerai?

I discovered Panerai around 2006/2007 when I was graduating from high school and my parents informed me that they wanted to buy me a nice watch to mark the occasion. During my research I found Panerai but at the time there were only available in Athens and not being able to try one, I passed. For what it’s worth, I chose a Longines Master collection Moonphase which at age 17 seemed very cool! In the following years, I always had my eyes on watches and had all different kind of Rolex, Tudor and Ω models before deciding what I really like.
I got my first Panerai on May 2017, it was PAM590 and never looked back. I got my second which is PAM372, 10 days ago.

6) How did you find Paneristi?

As soon as I got into the forums, I discovered it. However did not follow it on a regular basis since the platform seemed a bit complex compared to what I was used to follow at the time. Paneristi Hellas was founded on September 2016 and I was one of the first members even though I did not own any Panerai at that point. The people running it, Spyros and Kostas, are really passionate and quickly I got stuck!

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7) What is the favorite part of being a Paneristi?

I believe that the answer is obvious to all of us. We meet people who share the same passion and we make friends.
Having the chance to visit the Manufacture in Neuchatel was the highlight of 2017. Being there with my friends was a lifetime experience.

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[linked image]

GTGs are a big part of being a Paneristi and it is a joy to meet with all those friends every now and then.
Actually the first GTG of Paneristi Hellas for 2018 is scheduled for this weekend in Athens and I am already excited for spending two days there with good friends.

8) So, what’s next?

I have my eyes on several Panerai watches which I would like to own in the future. I am not in a hurry to do so. I want to enjoy the process. My focus at the moment is in no other brands.
My grail references are PAM26b & PAM127 and I believe that I will have those at some point.

Also, I would like to participate in a PDay, get to know people from all over the world and share our passion. I know that it will be an amazing experience.

Needless to say that I am always available for a coffee, beer or dinner if anyone happens to visit Thessaloniki, Greece.

Thank for reading this!

Looking forward to #4.

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