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339 vs 375 coating

February 10 2018 at 10:37 AM
h3  (Login Helium3)
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Response to Much appreciated

Panerai knew about the problems with the 339 coating and its reaction to sweat, when their new head of design was employed it was his first job, it took him a while hence the delay of the the 375 but i spoke to him at length about it

The found it was bath orientated and due to sweat- they did a huge amount of work on the returned cases trying to work out what had gone wrong, what was different with these batches

in the end they changed the process slightly to prevent it happening, it also made the cases harder wearing as unlike the 339 the 375 crown mechanism puts a lateral load on the components when you close the crown cover

hence the 375 although looking like the 339 is actually a better coating, not only that if you send in your 339, or the two other rads they made in the composite for a case replacement what you get back is the case with the better covering

its just a shame they seem to have fallen out of fashion before all the work was carried out on them

i've had a 339 as a regular wearer and finally managed to damage the case when i dropped it about 30 foot onto concrete, there are faint lines right on the edge of the case and the bezel, apart from that its hard a really hard life with no damage to it and no scratches, the other watch i use in comparison is my 372 and that look s beaten to hell up ( but looks fab for it)

the aluminium case with an anodized coating is a great idea, its less of a coating an more of a change in the material remember sapphire glass is just aluminium oxide

personally and through experience of various pvd, give me the 339/375 over any of the other coatings

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