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Desert Island Dream......

June 30 2008 at 5:23 AM
dman  (Login dmasanda)
from IP address

Ship sinking -- and now washed ashore, with only 10 items to bring:
2 watches
2 songs
1 book
1 movie
1 photograph
1 memory
1 meal
1 person

So I post a WTB for a boat and some dude named RIDE contacts me about a LNIB yacht with all boxes and life vests, I should have known!! Last time I buy a boat without buying the seller, I ended up with this:

And I ended up on an island green:

Oh wait, an island, how bout here:

2 watches:

Well, my watches seem to rotate quite often as boredom seems to set in early and often. At first I thought I would say this one for sure.



It was a gift from my old boss when I landed my own gig as a Head Pro. The watch is special to me and will go to my son when he gets older, So couple the fact that I plan to give it to him and I would not get the enjoyment day in and day out (hey, I’m on an island I can be a little selfish) I decided that would not be with me.

So what is coming with me? I’m basing this on the current collection so I would take the 89 with me for sure.


I am a big fan of GMT watches, so perhaps I would have another 88 by the time I crash, but if not I would be more than happy to take the 89 with me.

The second would be the newest one to my collection. I saw this watch when I was on vacation in New York celebrating my 10th anniversary last year. I was in love right away and never got one since something else always seemed to pop up in front of it. But I would bring along this Ceramic bezel IWC Inge. This watch really is fun to wear and sits perfect on the wrist. And such a very cool looking watch, just loving this one tons!!



I’m not super romantic when it comes to my watches, to me they are still things that look cool and tell time. I am however a huge fan of what they have brought into my life. The friendships and people that is what it is all about for me, “so much more than just a watch”. That crazy dude that coined that phrase is a pretty smart and special dude.

I would also make sure these got back to Aurelio so he could keep up my end of their business.

2 songs:

Not a huge music dude, though my IPod is full of all different types of music. Anything from modern and classical Hawaiian, to Country, to Metal, love ballads and even a bit of hip hop. Not too mention the tons of Indy music my boy BT keeps me loaded up with.

The first song for me would be one that I have seen in concert just shy of double digit times. Just a song that makes me sit back, chill and smile. If you can't chill to Buffett, you might not be able to chill.

The second song is one that I enjoy every time I hear it. So, I figure why not have a song that I will never get tired of listening to. Like I said, my tastes in music are eclectic, so I'm taking some Skynyrd man!!


One book:

Wow, used to be a big reader, now it is usually something with Dora or Backyardigans on the cover. But for me I would recommend this one: “Long Walk to Freedom, the autobiography of Nelson Mandela. The man has incredible strength and incredible perspective.


One movie

If it is any indication to how “deep” I am, the two movies on my IPhone right now are Caddyshack and Transporter 2. LOL!! But for me I would take this one. My first childhood hero and the reason I studied Kung Fu for 8 years growing up. A great movie and one that allows you to think but not so much you get confused, which I tend to do quite easily. "Enter the Dragon", gotta love Bruce Lee!!


One Photograph:

So Hammer can make fun of me, maybe this one of me with my Sisto haircut:

For sheer comic relief I could say this one of my boy:


But I won’t.

I would want to look at this one if I only had one


One memory:

This one would be the birth of my first child, Dylan Kawika. I don’t remember much of the day exactly, a blur actually but the first time I saw my child and he was healthy and so was Mom it was something that I will never ever forget.

But man do they ever grow up fast.

One Meal:

Gotta go with my heart and my gut on this one, give me a luau style feast and I’ll be good to go. Plate of Kalua pig, poi, lomi salmon, chicken long rice, steamed rice, lau lau, mac salad and some haupia and I’m good to go. Wash it down with nothing more than a plain old Coca-Cola and I’m happy.


One person:

One person is the only easy one for me. I could say some hot model or real flexible gymnast type, but that just isn’t me. I would take the boring answer and say my wife Andie. She is too much fun to have around and that is the only person that I know would not get tired of me, though I can’t promise the same. People always want to know why I smile so much, well simply put, she is the reason!! She is a blast to be around and with no television I would have her stories and theories on life to keep my mind working. Plus, without her around I am sure I would not have any motivation to find a way off this damn island. She would never let me just lounge around, that would be too easy.




Sorry this is a few hours early, but I will be out of pocket the next few days playing in a tournament….err…..I mean working real hard.

That is my DID, I appreciate you looking. And thanks for picking me Siminator, this was fun and I didn't even make one of my assistants do it for me, I'm just sayin, now get me a damn Parliment!!


"I'm just sayin"

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(Login AeroPanerai)

Love the Luau plate

June 30 2008, 5:29 AM 

!!!!!! Just ono!!! Great post!!!

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(Login clifW)

Great one dman! So very cool <nt>

June 30 2008, 5:54 AM 




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(Login rideamountain)

When I said dingy...............................

June 30 2008, 6:27 AM 

............I didn't mean a boat, I meant you! LOL!!!

Love yah man....great D.I.D!


There is no doubt that getting older is mandatory, but to mature remains still optional...

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(Login curbry)

Nice dream. nt

June 30 2008, 7:15 AM 


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(Login Ericx2)

Great post!

June 30 2008, 7:26 AM 

These keep getting better and better.

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Robert Kacer
(Login kacerrob)

Very nice Daren..

June 30 2008, 7:53 AM 

Nice photos of the family...and bald head... LOL

Great job... hit them straight tomorrow.


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(Login cosmicmike)

u go dman!

June 30 2008, 9:45 AM 

Yeah, they grow up fast. Beautiful family -- all with that infectious smile! Way to go Bro!

232, 27, 113
Big D
"It ain't easy being cheesey."

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(Login porsche-964)

Great post Dman!!!! Love the Mohawk!!!! nt

June 30 2008, 11:13 AM 


Jeremy (aka Mr. Socko)
Northeast Florida

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(Login adman7)

nice work Dman. love the family photos. Good stuff! nt

June 30 2008, 12:17 PM 


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(Login boa22)

Great post, Dman!

June 30 2008, 12:24 PM 

Very touching.

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(Premier Login Kingsholm14)
High Heid Yin

Nice one D. However that meal. I dont know ! I think Id just eat the plate and leave some

June 30 2008, 12:34 PM 

of the food !

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(Login HawaiianHaole)

Great post brah!

June 30 2008, 1:34 PM 

Send my aloha to Kawika, Leilani and Andie. Can we get some manapua and pork hash on that plate?

Wilmington, DE

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(Login expat-oz)
High Heid Yin

well played d-man

June 30 2008, 2:17 PM 

well played indeed. gotta watch out for RIDE, for sure. LOL!

cheers mate


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(Login 4brooins)

Well Done Dman

June 30 2008, 2:18 PM 

Nice pics of the family

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John in NJ
(Login JohnSim)

Grrreat! ;) see, now that wasn't too hard, good job ;) and don't work too hard, LOL! <nt>

June 30 2008, 3:05 PM 


"Everyone's got a plan until they get punched in the face."
--Karl Koschnitzke

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Xavier G.
(Login xaggie95)

Great Post Dman!! nt

June 30 2008, 3:14 PM 


Austin, TX

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(Login gfriedell)
High Heid Yin

Nice one D-Man, gotta love the plate lunch!

June 30 2008, 3:33 PM 

I think a sand wedge might also be a useful accessory on that island

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Rich Marchand
(Login RichM-RI)

Daren!! You go man!! Well freaking Done M8! Dora - lolololol!!!

June 30 2008, 3:55 PM 

Can so identify - soooooooo identify - like 2 much!


Good job


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eric s. (hkgweilo)
(Login hkgweilo)
High Heid Yin

Daren..we don't see ya round so much anymore, but you can still bring it!!! >>

June 30 2008, 4:14 PM 

great DID post...the kids' pics are great!

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