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P.9000 Support

April 10 2012 at 2:51 AM
Indy5050  (Login indy5050)
from IP address

As I stated in one of my previous post I traded my Sea Dweller for my Pam 359 and I have noticed a lot of negative post on the web in regards to the P.9000 movement in my watch do to it being a new design? I dont believe my watch dealer is an Officially Panerai dealer so what happens if I do end up having issues with my watch what do I do? I live in Central Florida. So far my watch runs a hair fast same as my past Rolex? Thanks in advance Indy

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(Login PSY76)

I think you're jumping the gun a bit -

April 10 2012, 3:00 AM 

Forget about what is said on the interwebs about the P.9000 unless you hear it from a reliable source. Some watches take a few weeks before settling in and running at specs. If your mechanical (i.e., automatic) watch "runs a hair fast" you're doing well. Don't sweat the small stuff - especially if you don't have the problem.



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(Login Russ757)

Mayors Jewelers

April 10 2012, 3:30 AM 

Hey Indy,
I feel for you. I have a 359 as well bought from Mayors Jewelers down the street in Miami. Knock on wood, so far no problems other than running a few seconds fast per day. I'm writing to say, after a call to my guy at Mayors, he says there's one in the Orlando area and they are an Official Panerai AD. I'm not sure where you are in Central Florida but if you're interested, I'll get the address for that AD and we can go from there. I realize you didn't buy it from Mayor's but I was told they could help out if you do have some issues after dealing with the previous store. Hopefully, everything will go great and all this will be for nothing.

If you care to pursue it further, drop me a line at Russ767 at hotmail dot com.

Good Luck

Russ W

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