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Little contest : Find what's different " the game of the 10 errors "

June 28 2012 at 3:24 PM

J-F  (Login J-F.)
from IP address

10 errors at less, it's what I've found happy.gif ( the dotation : box, straps etc do not count ).

Working on the comparo post #15 I thought it'd be funny to make a little contest ...

Pam 193 vs Pam 307
[linked image]

I have counted 10 differences ... find them and the prize will be " a guide to classic yachts 2011 + 2012 "

[linked image]
NO !! they're not the same happy.gifhappy.gifhappy.gif you'd find a lot of differences ...

If someone find more than ten differences, the one who will find the more will win and get a bonus happy.gif " a guide to classic yachts 2010 "

[linked image]
Definitively NO ! they're not the same happy.gifhappy.gifhappy.gif

I hope you'll enjoy the game, I will end it in 24 hours.
If you enter in the contest with the only intention to resell the prize on eBay ... please stay away

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(Login abunai)

i'll play

June 28 2012, 5:28 PM 

rather than paying attention to the Google I/O conference or my conference calls, I've resorted to surfing P.com and playing J-F's game.
here we go:

L swiss made L vs. T swiss made T
darker crown pin in 307
blue vs black dial
shorter hour hand on the 193, fatter hour hand on the 307
larger pearl at the 12 on the bezel of the 307
creamy patina and raised markers/numbers on 193
193 looks fatter but could be lighting giving that effect
15/30/45 nubs on bezel look higher on 307
pusher is missing in picture for 193 (not sure if this counts)

gotta run....thoroughly enjoyed playing! =)

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John B
(Login LaunchMini)

Missed an

June 28 2012, 5:58 PM 

obviouse one, but not giving it away.
Need to look "between"

[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

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Dave D
(Login mattymay)

All 11 ! ......assuming the 193 is on the left.

June 28 2012, 6:46 PM 

The 193 is Fantastic, while the 307 is Awesome.

193 is Gorgeous and the 307 is Beautiful.

193 is really quite Large, the 307 isn't by any means Small.

I would dearly Love to own a 193, I very much Hope to acquire a 307 some day.

The 193 would look Wonderful with a light brown Ammo, the 307 amazing with a dark brown Ammo.

Now a guess.... I think that the 193 is considerably heavier than the pam55, while the 307 weighs in at quite a lot more than the pam177.

The 193 is better looking than a Submariner, the 307 is a lot more attractive than a Seamaster (IMO).

I'm sitting at a Torvill and Dean performance in Nottingham, welcoming the Olympic Torch, I'm quite sure that Christopher Dean is not wearing the 193, while it looks as though Jane Torvill is not wearing a 307.

The 193 is on the left, the 307 is on the right. (assuming my earlier assumption was correct).

The most obvious difference is of course the time, 193 showing an AM time, the 307 showing PM.

Hoping to have actually spotted an 11th difference, 193 is a Tritium dial I think, but the 307 is possibly a Luminova ?

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

Cheers and Torches happy.gif

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(Login dy4)

My guess...

June 28 2012, 10:28 PM 

dial color black 193 - blue 307
tritium 193 - luminova 307
smaller dot in triangel at 12 193 - bigger 307
dot in triangel looks a bit more yellow at 12 - whiter dot at 12
bezel brushed titanium 193 - brushed steel 307
case brushed steel 193 - brushed titanium 307
lug width 26mm 193 - 24mm 307
Production year 2007 193 - 2008 307
the hands look a bit shorter on the 193
193 not an SE - 307 SE edition of 500 pieces
193 no engraved caseback - 397 engraved caseback PANGEA - mike horn
193 will be heavier i guess - 307 with titanium case a bit lighter...

Greetings from Belgium

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(Login J-F.)

Very funny responses but all are too far :(

June 30 2012, 10:35 AM 

I have to make something more easy for the next one sad.gif

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(Login dy4)

I am curious to the 10 differences J-F

June 30 2012, 1:16 PM 

Greetings from Belgium

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