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OT:IWC Big Pilot 5004 vs 5009

August 6 2012 at 11:57 PM
JD  (Login JohnDoe77)
from IP address

Hi all,

I know I am on a Panerai forum, but there is no forum as good as this on watches!! And off course I am also the very proud owner of a Panerai 320! I am so content with having a high end watch that I am looking to add my second watch... and I need your help!

I know that a lot of my fellow Risties are also into different brands and I also like the idea of branching out; for me I already own the perfect Pam (I know; for now until the P-bug bites again happy.gif ). So I have been looking at Hublot and IWC Big Pilot. I like the different style of Hublot a lot, but it is a pretty " in Your face" kind of watch. For my line of work it is ok to have a distinctive watch, but not to much. And I really love the classic look of the Big Pilot: I tried it on and it looks great on my wrist!

I made the comparrison between the BP 5002 and 5005 and i like the 5004 best (just a matter of taste). My question is; the Big Pilot 5009 is comming to the market now and looks the same as the 5004. I understand that the only difference is in the torque of the crown, movement and looks are the same. The difference in price is roughly 20% so what would you advice me; a new 2012 BP 5004 or 5009?

Any other tips are welcome!


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(Login JohnCoburn)


August 7 2012, 3:05 AM 

I know u said you prefer them to the 5002, but have you put them side by side?

THIS BAD BOY ROCKS,!!!!!!! Just my own personal bias, of course... happy.gif)
[IMG][linked image][/IMG]
[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

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Kevin O'Dell
(Login kevin5)

OH YES!!! 100% agree....5002 all the way ;-)

August 7 2012, 3:39 AM 


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(Login famz_01)

Big pilot

August 7 2012, 3:58 AM 

I own a 5002 and it's my favorite watch in my collection no comparison to the 5004. Also I had a Hublot big bang in the past and I didn't take me long to get bored of it. Anyways it's alL personal preference but stick with an iwc over the hublot

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mike farha
(Login mikefarha)

Yep 5004 is a different watch.

August 7 2012, 8:19 AM 

I think with my watches Rolex Pres DDJJ, BP 5004, 232, 372 and 112 G, if the right time and watch like up, I will replace the 112 G. Ideally it would by either a 127G or Slytech. And if I can get over the gold Rolex I've owned since 1986 or any need for a dress watch, It could go and mu collection would look a little more historic and militaristic. It is possible I could just trade the 112 for a BP 5002, I love the watch both 5004 and 5002. Still married to that damn Rolex.

That said, you simply can't go wrong with the 5002 and you can't go wrong with the 5004 if indeed it sings to you. Two different watches, which is oh so nice as you can own them both.


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(Login BavarianDave)

I would take the 5004

August 7 2012, 10:08 AM 

The only improvement on the 5009 is the way the crown is "connected" to the movement. According to the IWC this was changed because with the big crown some people have put too much power into the whole system. Now the stability is improved.

By how much, I can not say. However, if you know this you can take the nescessary precautions (and simply be careful as with hopefully every other mechanical watch). Plus, if you wear the watch you'd have this problem only every two months, or so. And if a problem occurs, it sould be repairable pretty easy by every watchmaker.

So, I wouldn' pay the premium for the 5009, except if you don't mind the money. However you do that decision: You get one of the coolest watches avaiable today IMO, with which I wish you the best of luck! happy.gif


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(Login docfink)

Yes, basically the same watch...

August 7 2012, 1:09 PM 

....my 5004 had a crown issue earlier this year (it basically broke and wouldn't wind) and it was fixed with what I assume were the changes made to the 5009 (although I can't prove this). Either BP is great, but the bias on this forum is the 5002. Try both on; I felt the 5002 was a bit too "militaristic" for my tastes, but the size, presence, and feel of any BP is amazing. If there wasn't a 5004 in '06 when I got mine, the 5002 would be on my wrist.

I had the original Hublot Ice Bang that I sold over a year ago. I sometimes regret it as it was an excellent, versatile watch and not as "in your face" as some other Hublots. I have a bit of seller's remorse with any of the few watches I've sold, but that Ice Bang is a cool watch.

It's probably the Paneristi in me, but I change the straps on the BP too which really adds to the enjoyment of wearing this watch. I've had it 6 years this month, and I'll have it for sometime. When I've thought of parting with it to make funds for something else, I just wait longer and keep the BP. It's timekeeping isn't as good as a basic ETA-based watch, but it's a great piece to wear.


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(Login JohnDoe77)

Thanks all!

August 7 2012, 1:28 PM 

Thanks for your reactions. I agree that the 5002 looks very cool as well, but i just find it to be a little bit to militaristic. Great watch ofcourse, just a matter of taste!

I think the price difference between the BP5004 en 5009 is just a little to steep if indeed there is just this small upgrade on the crown. So i will focus on a 5004, good time to start looking for one at a good price!

If any of you know a good site just to check out some different strap options for the BP, please PM me!

Kind regards,


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Panayiotis CY
(Login morpheas)

5002 for me!

August 7 2012, 11:06 PM 

The keeper in my collection- along with my pams of course!

[linked image]
[linked image]

Good luck on your hunt mate!

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James Vann
(Login vannjam)

+1 !! nt

August 7 2012, 11:13 PM 


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Frank A
(Login luxuryguru)

+1 and...

August 8 2012, 4:08 AM 

try to find a transitional

panerainut @ gmail . com (no spaces)

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