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Would you trade 292 for a New Rolex Submariner?

August 8 2012 at 7:50 AM

PN221  (Login PN221)
from IP address

I am thinking about trading my 292 non pig in for around $6k or so and getting a brand new Rolex SS Submariner 116610 for $7500.

I figure that the 292 is not a rare watch and get be bought again brand new anytime if I miss it and I am just losing interest in this watch and its getting little wrist time.

Should I just keep the 292 and pick up the Rolex later or should I trade it in plus a little cash for the Rolex Submariner?

Would love to hear Paneristi members thoughts on this as I know what the Rolex guys will say for sure.

PN221 | PAM292 | PAM279 | PAM368

PN221 | PAM292 | PAM279 | PAM368

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(Login philwongnz)

Depends how you usually wear the 292

August 8 2012, 8:43 AM 

Although I don't own a 292, I know it scratches pretty easily due to its finish. I own a vintage 1680, a LV and a SD. All I can say is, a sub is a work horse goes well with a suit or wear it casually with a T shirt. Is a classic, but also everyone kinda has one - especially if you are in London. The 292 is not really something I can say is an all rounder, so it really depends what you are really want for a watch.

Also there are plenty of rep Subs out there so you might be a bit detered in terms of the amount of people who owns a "sub". If money is NOT a main issue (you don't mind forking out a thousandish or more), if I was you I will try to find a vintage sub, 5512, 5513 or 1680 if you fancy a date. The newer sub I don't really like as the dial is a bit too shiny for me. Below is my 1680.

Good luck!

[linked image]

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(Login PSY76)

Yes, without a doubt.

August 8 2012, 11:53 AM 



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(Login slh011)

Re: Would you trade 292 for a New Rolex Submariner?

August 8 2012, 11:53 AM 

no, 292 is great watch, maybe Rolex gives more wearabillity for different situations, but will never do it, and I like Rolx much more than PAM.

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(Login 11years)

Yes, get the sub

August 8 2012, 12:02 PM 

Get the sub...the 292 is a nice watch but as you say, you dont really like it, and the sub is classic. Get the sub.

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Aurelio S.
(Login AurelioS)

That depends, whether you would want to trade the 292 for a Sub ;)

August 8 2012, 12:33 PM 

Not being a wise guy, but serious....... each time I see these posts, I think "what would I do"... but then again, that may not be what YOU would do.

For a stealthy watch, the 292 rocks. But if a Rollie calls out to you, that one is a winner. See? Aren't I helpful?

Peace, love and the luxury of choices ~

Got to keep on shufflin'!

[linked image]

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Blake P
(Login Blake_P)

I agree with you...

August 8 2012, 5:35 PM 

I don't think the people who create such threads are really going to count up the yes/no votes and go with whatever others decide, but are truly conflicted and are asking for others to give them opinions that they may not have previously considered. That being said, I do believe every watch enthusiast's collection should include a Submariner. The 292 is an awesome watch as well and it's hard for me to directly compare the two. If it's the PAM that receives the least attention and wear in your collection, then sure... trade away!

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(Login PN221)

Thank you for putting it so eloquently Blake

August 8 2012, 5:47 PM 

I am quite torn and am pondering whether I should just wait and keep the 292 for those special occasions or whether I should buy the submariner with ceramic bezel as a daily beater

PN221 | PAM292 | PAM279 | PAM368

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(Login BavarianDave)

Depends on what elso you have...

August 8 2012, 1:15 PM 

If the sub would be the only Rolex, I would do it. Great watches! If you still have other pams, I would do it as well.

If you already have other Rolexes, and the Pam 292 is your only pam, I probably would keep it.

the sub is a great piece, but very common as well and could be picked up at a later date.


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(Login PN221)

Yes i have 368, 279, 292 and Zenith Daytona

August 8 2012, 4:20 PM 

I am a bit surprised you guys are recommending the trade I was expecting more members to push me to keep the 292.

I am honestly a bit disappointed how easily available the 292 has been to purchase as I thought the watch was a bit more rare when I first got it.

PN221 | PAM292 | PAM279 | PAM368

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(Login rumnyc)

Just got an explorer 2 black dial

August 9 2012, 12:28 AM 

Very nice watch. Only gripe is that the bracelet is a bit narrow for a 42mm

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Luciano Chao

Based on what you've said --Yes, you should

August 8 2012, 3:10 PM 

Rolex sub is a must in almost any collection of sport watch enthusiast , maybe not the best but surely with undeniable qualities

No watch has value "per se" , it depends on your response to it , as you know . But there's no doubt Rolex Subs appeal to most of people and are surely a good place to let your money sink in

No matter I like Panerais, I've noticed that market value for most of pre owned Pam's I have do not follow the same curve as per my Rolex sport ones; on the other side, the coveted Pam's are always accounted for in advance thanks to well known circumstances, and you face always a premium if you want one -- which is kind of tiresome


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(Login padronanniversario)

Go with the Sub...mersible!!!

August 8 2012, 6:35 PM 

Just kidding (sort of). As an owner of a 292, I can say I really like the piece (especially when paired with an assolutamente strap). With that said, I would not characterize the 292 as an everyday watch. It has its moments when I like to wear it but there are other times that I just don't feel like it goes with my wardrobe or the setting I will be in. The submariner is probably more versatile. Then again, isn't it 40mm? That's a big jump from the 45mm of the 292. Personally, it's too small for my liking (but that is obviously a matter of personal preference). So, with that said why not get a Submersible instead happy.gif



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(Login X2TIME)

If you can tolerate 40mm...

August 8 2012, 8:39 PM 

...you'll definitely get more wear from the Rolex. Then again you have to ask yourself what you want...is it a SS bracelet? What are your other options, if any? Does it have to be a Rolex? What about a black or white Explorer II at 42mm? What about a GO Sport Evo? What about a Blancpain FF on bracelet?

Personally, the 292 doesn't say much to me, I'd flip it for something else.

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(Login stockae92)

I vote for Sub C.

August 8 2012, 11:59 PM 

I can't compare them by value (trade with + or - $$$$), but I would wear the Sub C instead of 292. (I owned 210 and 183 before, but not 292)

I am partial to proper dive watch with uni-directional bezel, bracelet with diver extension, Triplock crown.

The Sub C feels like a very solid watch on wrist. I like it a lot.


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(Login Momsph)

At the end of the day...

August 9 2012, 1:22 AM 

It's all about what you desire..

[linked image]
[linked image]

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(Login timlua)

yes definitely

August 9 2012, 5:51 AM 



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(Login Swiss-Adoration)

Absolutely without hesitation!

August 11 2012, 7:34 AM 

I am of course biased as I have no love for black ceramic cases. The new Submariner with the Ceramic bezel is a very versatile timepiece. Looking in my watch box at both the 292 and Submariner I would gravitate to the Sub every time. Best of luck with your decision!



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