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Pam 005 minor defect_Opinions needed

August 9 2012 at 2:24 AM
jasonmhg  (Login jasonmhg)
from IP address

Hi all,

This is the first time I post something on the forum. I have been following your conversations for the last 3 years. Your photos and posts made me want to discover Panerai and own a Panerai myself. 
I recently bought a brand new Pam 005. It is a great watch and I love it. 

However, I have a small issue and I would like to have your opinions on it.

After wearing my 005 for a few days, I have noticed that there is a slight imperfection on the small seconds hand. A very tiny speck of paint is protruding from the hand. It is a very minor defect and it is not easy to see the first time. However, once you get to know the watch very well, it can be annoying.

I am thinking of sending the watch back to Panerai to get the seconds hand replaced. However, I don't know if it is a good idea. They will have to open and dismantle the watch and this might cause more issues. Also, the AD might thing that I am a difficult client since the problem is very very minor. 

I am not an OCD person and I am usually quite easy going. But this small matter is just too hard to ignore and it prevents me from enjoying my 005.

It is not the end of the world and this is just....a watch. But it is my dream watch and I have been waiting for so long before I could get it. 

What would you advise me to do ? Get it fixed or live with it ? 
Did you ever have similar problems with your watches before ? How did you deal with it ?

Thanks a lot for your help


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(Login coloristi)

Is it possible to see a pic? nt

August 9 2012, 2:51 AM 

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Luciano Chao

You've bought a $5k watch and deserve the perfect one

August 9 2012, 2:59 AM 

if I were you, I'd ask for fixing - there's no such thing of small or big flaw, it's always a FLAW that you've paid enough money for not having it

it's not big deal to fix it as well


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(Login HammerHammer)
High Heid Yin

Jason were do u live mate ? (nt)

August 9 2012, 3:08 AM 

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(Login jasonmhg)

Re: Jason were do u live mate ? (nt)

August 9 2012, 3:17 AM 

Hi Hammer,

I live in Montreal, Canada.

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(Login SachinG)

Take it to the Panerai AD dealer in Montreal...chateau d'ivoire

August 9 2012, 4:59 AM 

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(Login PSY76)

Hi Jason -

August 9 2012, 3:16 AM 

Send it back and don't be afraid of what your AD thinks. You spent a lot of money on that watch and it should meet your expectations in full.

Let us know how it turns out.




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(Login bt63)

Re: Pam 005 minor defect_Opinions needed

August 9 2012, 3:22 AM 

In my opinion you should get this issue fixed. happy.gif

[linked image]

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(Login X2TIME)

Don't even think twice...

August 9 2012, 5:18 AM 

I'm assuming your watch is under warranty. Bring the watch to Chateau D'Ivoire and ask them to fix it, end of story. Don't be shy, don't think that they will think you are being petty or difficult. The hands and dial on your watch should be perfect. Tell them to fix it.

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(Login jasonmhg)

Re: Don't even think twice...

August 9 2012, 1:53 PM 

Hi Guys,

Thanks a lot for your replies. I really appreciate the help.

If I bring the watch to Chateau d'Ivoire in Montreal, are they going to send it to a PSC or do the fix in-house ?
After reading so much "horror stories" about the PSC in North America, I am a little bit paranoid and I prefer the fix to be done by a local watchmaker. But the watch is still under warranty, so I am assuming that they will ship it to the PSC, right ?

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(Login X2TIME)

Ask them...

August 9 2012, 7:41 PM 

First thing, your watch is under warranty, so you have to bring it to them in Montreal. They are the only player in town. I wish we had another AD in Montreal because these guys can be clowns at times. I've had several inane experiences in there.

A hand swap is a simple procedure. I wouldn't worry too much if they had to send it out or they did it in house. They do have a little work area in the back but I've never seen a watchmaker in there, personally. Just hope the turn around isn't too long. Again, go in and inquire. Good luck...

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Craig F
(Login Cr4ig)

+1 100% Get it fixed [nt]

August 9 2012, 5:53 PM 

-Craig F

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Aaron Murphy
(Login murphtyper)

Absolutely get it fixed!!!

August 9 2012, 2:08 PM 

I'm sure your AD will completely understand.

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