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Non-Panerai Question for watch collectors

March 11 2017 at 6:48 PM
klam808  (Login klam808)
from IP address

I have a chance to buy either a white dial or black dial stainless steel Daytona. Both in similar condition and with box and papers. Which do you think will appreciate more, is more rare, and has more link to vintage versions? These two are the modern steel versions before Rolex came out with the ceramic bezel Daytona. Thanks in advance for your comments.

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(Login 11years)


March 11 2017, 10:33 PM 

If you are buying hoping for "appreciation" as you say....I wouldn't buy either. Personally, I prefer the white dial, but can't imagine either one will appreciate because they seem to be on track to making plenty of them.
Buy one if you like it, or move on

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(Login philmickfan)


March 11 2017, 11:48 PM 

White dial always seems to be in more demand.

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(Login jldb1976)

White seems to be in more demand...

March 12 2017, 1:16 AM 

....but I wouldn't be buying either at anything other than retail price. This is a regular production watch. People are paying premiums only to skip the line, not because this is something collectible or (in the long run) limited.

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(Login JohnCoburn)

This One...

March 12 2017, 3:29 AM 

I think the white dial Daytona is spectacular and very versatile. It it the only white dial I own.

Oh and the most comfortable Watch I have ever worn.
photo 21E89ED8-A572-4804-8AE9-0AFCA050DE3B_zpsxmwntdi6.jpg

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(Login hiroshikato1)

Since you are asking about a 116250...

March 12 2017, 4:04 AM 

neither. But with a 116500, white for sure. Why? Because the white dial 116500 is reminiscent of the 16250 Zenith Daytonas and those are, IMHO the best looking modern Daytonas.

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Joost H
(Login joost_H)

Re: Non-Panerai Question for watch collectors

March 12 2017, 7:46 AM 

If you want a daytona that appreciates in value, get a Zenith Daytona 16520 early white or black patrizzi

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Matt Reynolds
(Login mreynoldsuk)

White dial ...

March 12 2017, 11:31 AM 

but as mentioned, buy neither with any expectation of appreciation. The ceramic Daytona's have the potential for a small return, but only due to a waiting list that's now quoted 7 years!! These are regular production models, Rolex is not meeting the demand but I wouldn't pay over the odds for one, as beautiful as they are.

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(Login fullcourt1)

neither will appreciate in value that much, love the black dial one i have

March 13 2017, 1:31 AM 

good luck with your quest....

just living the dream
chicago, usa
'more than just a watch'....

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(Login klam808)

Thanks all again for your comments.

March 13 2017, 3:12 AM 

I guess it's a slow watch market...dealer also has batman GMT in stock and a great condition non ceramic sea-dweller. Now I'm really not sure what to get.

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(Login frendrick)

Re: Thanks all again for your comments.

March 13 2017, 3:29 AM 

If it's above retail, you might wanna consider the WG white panda dial daytona. very good price for secondary market.I think you can have preowned one about the same price with the premium priced brand new SS DaytonaC, but hey it's WG and it weighs beautiful. the leather strap version will cost much less and I think a very understated PM watch.

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(Login Pam673)

Re: Non-Panerai Question for watch collectors

March 13 2017, 4:43 AM 

Depending on where you are geographically located.

Traditionally black dial is much more sought after in Asia. Though with the new ceramic bezel version the white dial is just as popular.

Why are you looking at value? Are you looking to resale further down the line? If so get the black dial otherwise just get the one you like best.

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