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thoughts about the Bettarini case

April 14 2017 at 12:22 AM
Al  (Login Nebbiolo)
from IP address

Not sure this happens to others who have several watches that share wrist time. Some times after a bit of time off the wrist, you look at an old friend a bit differently...

Does anyone else think that titanium shows off a Bettarini case better than SS? When looking at my 176 on my wrist, the shadow lines of the case are more apparent than on a polished Bettarini case, like on my 390. Maybe it's due to more Ti oxidation on my 176 after all of these years of nothing but an occasional wash and drying with a microfiber cloth? In my 10 years of enjoying this site, I don't recall anyone bring this up. I even searched, but since nothing turned up maybe it's just me. I know many folks feel strongly about preferring painted dialed Luminors with a Bettarini case, but no mention of metals. Even though I do like 1950 case, I also enjoy the cleaner design of the Bettarini case, which seems to get less love. In my opinion, nice to have the variety in your collection.

I do tend to regain fondness for a watch after a short absence. Without the massive watch box of someone like Nad happy.gif, I never have an extended absence, but even a few weeks of hibernation gets the blood running again.

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(Login panerik)

Interesting topic...

April 14 2017, 2:57 AM 

I think the TI v SS discussions do come up occassionally. There are a few guys on here who have a very strong preference for TI. IROCA and DMMAI are two RISTis with an overwhelming preference for TI.

I personally have both metals and like them both.

I don't agree that the Bettarini case gets less love on here. I think preferences between the 1950 case and bettarini are pretty close. It really depends on the model and what you are looking for. I do agree that the bettarini case is a cleaner and more simple design, and variety in case design and metals is a good thing.

It's also great to fall in love with a watch all over again! So let's see some wrist shots!!
[linked image]

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(Login dmmai)

. Ti vs SS on Bettarini . . brushed vs polished . .

April 14 2017, 4:05 AM 

Hey Al,

Interesting concept.
Can't say I've ever contemplated this exact comparison.
But, now that you bring it up, I do think there is a slight difference of perception to my eye between the 1950 and Bettarini cases. I'm drawn to a brushed or flat finish on the Bettarini cases (whether SS or titanium) and I personally like the polished look on the 1950 case. Something about the sleek style of the 1950 that reflects the light so beautifully with a polished finish. Just my take on it.
I don't own a 1950 ... yet ... but, that style is hard to ignore.

Same for the Rads. The stylish Rad case is similar in the way it plays with the light on a polished case. Don't yet own one but I recently examined the 346. Even though I like the polished look on a Rad, the titanium 346 case is Very easy on the eyes. Very.

I have both brushed and polished Bettarini cases and I do actually prefer the brushed look on them.
My two Titanium PAMS are both Bettarini cases. As Erik mentioned, the subtle, subdued look of titanium is very appealing to me personally. And I agree with him in that I like variation in look and feel among my timepieces.

Lastly, to your point about regaining fondness for a piece after a time of separation. I can almost forget about some of my watches after a while but, when they finally find their way back out into the sun, I quickly remember why I fell for them in the first place.

Thanks for opening the topic.

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LA Crows
(Login LACrows)

The Bettarini case is a masterpiece! 👌🏻

April 14 2017, 4:41 AM 

Agree, I do prefer it in Ti.

- Q -

[linked image]

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(Login draculaxx)

Re: thoughts about the Bettarini case

April 14 2017, 3:02 PM 

I'm with you Al, in my head the Bettarini Case only works in Titanium and Tantalium. The darker hue of the metals and the brushed surface let you see all the shades and radiuses of the case.
My first love was the PAM 176 and on my way to it the PAM 177 became my first Panerai. Developing my collection the last years one year I was without a Bettarini Case
and had only 47 mm Panerais. But no good collection without a titanium Bettarini 44 mm, I added the two (for me) perfect ones (as replacement for 176 and 177) to the
other 47 mm Cases -> PAM 116 and PAM 036B. But I must admit with 368, 305, 341 along the others I can't deny my desire for Titanium wink.gif.

best, Josef


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(Login jldb1976)

For me, the Bettarini case is Panerai.

April 14 2017, 9:42 PM 

Four out of the first five PAMs that passed trough my hands we Bettarini cases. 1 and 2 were Ti Bettarini cases, 4 was a PVD Bettarini and 5 a Steel Bettarini. I think for this reason alone when I think of Panerai it is always of the Bettarini case. The only PAM I hold today is also a Bettarini (PVD) and that's no surprise.

For me I just like the design, the lines, and the 44mm better than anything else in the line-up. I don't think I'd thought about it much before but I agree with you that the Ti in particular highlights the case lines a little more. For me, my preference towards Ti and PVD was wholely based on the dullness versus the Steel and the watches seeming a little less "blingy'".

Bettarini forever!

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(Login Nebbiolo)


April 14 2017, 10:51 PM 


I have never owned a PVD'ed Panerai, but I can see the similarities of the matte dark gray PVD really accentuating the beautiful lines of the Bettarini case as Ti does.

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(Login Ayer)

Ti vs SS Bettarini

April 15 2017, 2:04 PM 

My first was an 'ikle blue 282 and I loved it in titanium. Sold it and got an uncomfortable 312 which sadly put me off steel cases completely for several years. Afterwards I returned to titanium and Bettarini with a 279, followed by a titanium 1950 Luminor 351 and finally the mostly titanium Bettarini Submersible 170. I went off steel cases with the 312 for purely practical reasons and didn't really considered the aesthetics until I'd owned the bi-metalic 170 for a while. The combination of polished steel and brushed titanium really catches my eye and I truly believe it gets the best out of both materials.

I prefer a brushed titanium case for a Bettarini Luminor, somehow it just feels right to me now, however it could be prejudice from getting my fingers burnt. Surprisingly for a Bettarini Luminor Submersible however I'm going to go with polished steel. 106 vs 170 or 25 vs 24, the polished steel bezel/case just works on a completely different level than the brushed finished ones to my eye. Why I'm only feeling this for the Submersibles and not all Luminors I have no idea.

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(Login Travelller)

This post needs pics!!! :p

April 17 2017, 1:07 PM 

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