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Traveling to Italy....Looking for Suggestions

June 13 2017 at 6:59 PM
Vinniebabarooch   (Login vinniebabarooch)
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I will be traveling to Florence, Venice, and Rome and looking for any suggestions for lunch/dinner. I will have my wife and two kids with me. I would appreciate any help I could get, whether a popular restaurant or an off the beaten path one. Looking for great food!
Thank you,

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2 Spots I loved in Venice

June 13 2017, 7:05 PM 

Ristorante Al Covo, Calle de la Pescaria, 3968, 30122 Venice, Italy - 15 minute walk from Piazza San Marco

On Lido Island right by the Hotel Exelscior is:
Ristorante Al Tavernetta Via Francesco Morosini, 4/c, 30126 Venezia, Italy
Ask about my loyalty program.

Erleichda! Pura Vida!

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June 13 2017, 8:44 PM 

I love Italy. Only been twice, but a few suggestions.

Florence: -

known for gelato, you can look online and find some gelato places to go to, my favorite was "cantina de gelato" which was across the river from the Uffizi; this has strange hours tho, closes by 6pm. Best gelato I've had in Italy tho.

Food - for a quick meal I liked Mamma Gina's; to me this reminded me of homestyle italian meals. This is near the ponte vecchio (as is cantina de gelato).

Il Borro - more of a "fancy" establishment (I still went in my normal tourist clothes and brought my three young daughters). I call it fancy because the meal seemed less "home style" and more "haute cuisine". The Chianina beef there was amazing.

Museo de Galileo - neat science based museum, also has the panerai jupiterium there making it a must stop for Paneristi (IMHO). Also attached is a small museum of musical instruments; which is also worth a run through just to ogle the multiple stradivari they have on display.

Favorite store (other than Panerai) would be Alberto Cozzi (Firenze paper products) with a large selection and "Fantasie Florentine" near Mamma Gina restaurant with a very limited selection but where the grandmother clerk still writes your receipt by hand on scrap paper.

Also recommend stopping by the Santa Maria Novella Farmacia - great products with history, nice liquors, and a good place to stop for some tea (they have a small tea room in the back).

Remember to book tickets to the Uffizi prior to arrival and go at the set time.

Venice: -

Skip the gelato here, touristy and terrible (better in the states)(I'm a gelatisti too).

I liked Trattoria da Fiori - they have a prix fix lunch for 50 euro which was amazing and one of the best meals I've had in Italy (50 euro included everything and wine/coffee).

In Murano I picked up some glasses (shipped to me) from a store on the corner of Campiello della Pescieria. Family store, husband and father make all the items, store is tended to by the wife. Very nice people.

There is a restaurant near there (Restaurant - Alla Vecchia Pescheria) which was quite good for a stop to bite and eat.

In Burano (known for lace making) the store I like the most was "Artmoda Barbara". Hand made lace, good quality and pricing. "La Perla" a few doors down is much more fancy, but much more expensive.

Rome: -

Not much for me to say here.

Try to book a tour of the colliseum before getting there so you don't have to wait in line.

Hang out at the piazza's eating gelato, drinking espresso and just soaking in the scene.

You can follow my instagram (akanem71) and I may post some pictures of the places above there so you will have a visual reference.

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I have two Rome suggestions that always come back with raves>>>>

June 14 2017, 2:41 AM 

Restaurant: The Little Orange - Al Piccolo Arancio which is in an alley close to the Trevi Fountain. Highlights are the fried squash blossoms, the fried artichokes and the ravioli in an orange cream sauce (not what I would usually order but WOW!). I will tell you that I sent cousins of my from Miami there on their trip to Rome - the ate there the first day and never went to another restaurant after!

Gelatto - people will tell you this place is the best, that place is the best. I am telling you - there is none better in Rome than Il Gelatto San Crispino which is also close to the Trevi Fountain.

Both places have websites which are easy to find online. I did not post them purely because I was not sure if it would be breaking any forum rules.



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Re: Traveling to Italy....Looking for Suggestions

June 14 2017, 4:09 PM 

Try Club Culinaria Toscano da Osvaldo in Florence for dinner. Fantastic restaurant, eclectic food and a strong super Tuscan wine list. Firenze is to die for.

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Matt Reynolds
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When in Rome ...

June 14 2017, 5:32 PM 

I like to go to vineriailchianti.com, it's a very short walk from the Trevi fountain and we always head there when we're in Rome on business/pleasure. Book in advance would be my tip. It is so convenient, but not one of the many tourist trap restaurants you typically find near major attractions. The food is fantastic and the ambience is great. Enjoy your Italian odyssey.

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one of the best travel dinign tips i ever recieved was

June 14 2017, 7:30 PM 

look for places during the day that are crowded at lunch with locals and business types, then make a res to go there for dinner. they will often be the best/most affordable/least touristy.

also, i believe the old anthony bourdain show - "no reservations" - did a rome episode, he's suually spot on if you cna find a summary or see it on demand.

and finally - cacio e pepe or carbonara for pasta dish...never fettuccine alfredo (dead giveaway you're a nooob tourist)

good luck!!
Mike...NYC. My collection so far is a 312 and some cool straps.

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High Heid Yin

With some creative use of the search function on this site you can find >>>

June 14 2017, 7:51 PM 

A number of previous threads that have excellent recommendations for Firenze.

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(Login vinniebabarooch)

Great guys...really appreciated the responses (nt)

June 14 2017, 7:51 PM 

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Aurelio S.
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In Florence...

June 15 2017, 1:19 AM 

There's a place called Osteria Antica Mescita San Niccolo - on Via San Niccolo, 60 (055 234 28 36). Food is amazing; referred here by Verone P and it was the bomb.

Have fun!!

[linked image]

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