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Infectious Paneristi Bug

October 4 2017 at 8:36 PM
Sy  (Login Syrecx)
from IP address

Here I have around $2k to buy myself something, it's nearing my birthday so have been eager to gift myself something of value. Though I may not deserve it, it felt like I need one anyways.

I've always loved watches and never have I actually started collecting them till back in Feb, my friend wore a Hublot Big Bang to dinner and I got so obsessed with what they had to offer. 4 months later I bought myself a Hublot Ultra-thin Skeleton watch. Always wanted a skeleton watch but never was the time I was satisfied with other brand designs till I found hublot.

I've always loved watches and had always wanted to be different in some sort of way. I have friends wearing Breitling, Frank Muller, etc. etc. I never thought much about watches other than having it on my wrist. I've owned many limited editions of Seiko and Rados. Spending more than 4K per watch. I have maybe 15 watches of those value as I make it a point to buy one every year. Till recently, I found my new love of watches, loving the art and design features, a new found feeling of watch art appreciation.

Getting back to the story, something caught my eye when I was looking at watches on eBay. It was big, it was bold and I loved it. I was still contemplating whether to buy a breitling as my budget was only that. I keep seeing replicas of Panerai watches and started researching more on Panerai. I've found this site and was just browsing the forum for 3 days. It was so addictive watching all those pictures you guys have posted and the different variation of Panerai watches. Now I'm hooked!

I am now trying to close a deal with a seller owning my first Panerai. I'm the kind of collector that gets overly excited and would spend all my savings on something I like. As mentioned before, I was putting 2k aside to please myself, now I've to come up with $5k!

I wasn't that much into it till I've read 6 pages of post on this site. You guys are so infectious and now I've come to pester all of you. You can call me Sy from down under. Nice to meet you all and we will become family shortly wink.gif.

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Craig F
(Login Cr4ig)

Welcome Sy!

October 4 2017, 9:58 PM 

My first concern was that you've been looking at ebay and some replicas, but have landed on a "real" Panerai. Make sure you buy the seller just as much as the watch. As you've seen there are some really good replicas out there. Check the seller's references, call the shops number and confirm they have the watch, with a number you lookup! Call the person at their place of business, again with a number you lookup. Check with people that have bought from them.

What did you settle on - what model (PAM #)?

Welcome again! You will find amazing people and some true experts on the brand here.
-Craig F

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(Login stronzix)

+ 1 with Craig...

October 5 2017, 8:02 PM 

Watch out for replica's -- Buy from "trusted sellers" ONLY.

What PAM are you looking at?

Keep us posted wink.gif

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(Login rapers)

Whereabouts are you in Oz?

October 5 2017, 9:51 AM 

May be some existing Paneristi around with whom it might be worth hooking up.

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(Login sassiekiwi)


October 5 2017, 10:31 AM 

Hi Sy

Welcome to the land of Paneristi! Looking forward to seeing what you decide to come up with for your first PAM. Have a good look online, but nothing beats looking at the real things. I had an idea but when I was in the shop the 351 was what sang to me ... so it came home happy.gif

Nice to have someone else from down under ... I am a kiwi, but live in Korea!

Enjoy the journey


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