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Needed information on Pam 113

November 1 2017 at 12:26 PM
Sy  (Login Syrecx)
from IP address


Have yet to receive my first Panerai due to customs and would not be able to see it for another 2 weeks. I’m away from home at the moment.

I’ve been looking through all sites for straps that may go well with the watch but am very stuck in terms of finding the information I need to commit to countless straps that caught my interest. The only information I found is that the watch fits 24mm width. My question are as follows;

1. What size tool is required to change strap? Philip or flat?
2. What size tubes or pins for the straps?
3. Is there a guideline for how long the straps needs to be?

Your help is much appreciated. Many thanks wink.gif

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(Login njw1969)

Re: Needed information on Pam 113

November 1 2017, 1:21 PM 

You should get a screwdriver if your receiving a full set ..

1. If not it's a 1.6mm cut-out (to prevent slippage) screwdriver flat

2. If you want to buy some spare tubes ;
I think they are 2.7mm OD

3. Strap length is dependent on wrist size and how much 'tail' you want, so largely personal preference.
Standard OEM is something like 115/75 and for large wrists 125/90. For extra 'tail' the long part can be 150 + (these are usually by non-OEM or bespoke made)
My preference when I was having them bespoke made was 140/80 but sometimes when I didn't want lots of extra strap flapping around I would prefer 115/75

The standard strap with the 113 is tapered 24/22 at buckle. So if buying a new strap, either get a 24/22 or 24/24 and buy a 24mm buckle

I've lost touch a bit with Panerai lately so maybe I'm a little out here or there. But someone will eventually chip in with facts . . .

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(Login Syrecx)


November 1 2017, 1:54 PM 

Wow thanks for the prompt response! Least now I get to do some strap shopping.

Now looking forward to buy buy buy.

Anyone know of quality Panerai straps sold in Australia? Been searching only on gumtree and eBay. Most websites I’ve seen are very generic straps.

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(Login mlcdmd)

that summed it up well

November 1 2017, 3:13 PM 

as far as makers, i suggest looking at the sales forums here and seeing what used straps others are selling. people here tend to own so many and rotate so often that i've picked up a lot of almost new pieces for less than original cost. use that to try out some of the makers that way you can see what you like and then order something totally custom. there are a bunch of aftermarket strap makers who make wonderful pieces and they can guide you through sizing and what will work best.

also if you see a pic posted with one that you like, email the poster and they'll be happy to send maker info.

it's sorta frowned upon here to discuss the maker/model in the open as it may be shilling or product placement.

i prefer my straps a little longer, 24/24 - so you'll need a larger buckle than what the watch comes with - aftermarket buckles are available cheap too.
Mike...NYC. My collection so far is a 312 and some cool straps.

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(Login ferry.monne)

Choices choices

November 1 2017, 8:25 PM 

Hi Sy,

First of all congrats with your 113!

you need a 1.6 mm flat screwdriver, this is most probably part of the box your watch comes with.
the tubes are like the straps for your watch 24mm, you do not need for every strap a set of tubes, you can swap them between straps.

When it comes to size, you need to figure out what YOU prefer, as some wear straps very long, others very short and dont like the extra tail of the buckle siting on the side of the wrist instead of in the middle of the wrist. My first aftermarket strap I got I ordered it at 135-80, the maker told me to go for a longer strap, I was stubborn and turned out to be wrong, I needed a bit longer strap as the thickness of the strap makes it wear different than a 115/75 Panerai OEM strap size. My next straps I ordered from the same maker was 140/80 that looked already much better and my last one a 160/95 as a real bad-*** long tail strap for my PAM372. Now most of my straps are either 140/80 as dress straps or 150/90 as casual straps.

Micah Dirksen has some good advice on that, you can google his name and you find out what his website is.

As an example my wrist is in the summer 18.5 cm/7.2", I like my vintage straps long with GPF Mod Dep style buckles (flat buckle) and straight, aftermarket straps are in general 24-24 straight straps, the Panerai OEM straps are 24-22 mm, most of them at least. You need to understand that the aftermarket straps are often a lot thicker than the OP OEM straps and therefore your need to add a bit of length to get the same effect on an aftermarket strap that is 5mm, on both sides 5mm extra length.

Personally I like the tapered OEM straps on a 44mm Panerai as the tapering is not that extreme like on a 47mm model with 26-22mm.

You could check out the Accessory Collectors Corner on the forum, there are a lot of strap on sale in different shapes and sizes, this can give you a good idea what is available out there.

If you have any further questions, just let me know!

And do not forget to post your first images of your 113!

Panerista since 2014

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(Login Syrecx)

Thanks Ferry!

November 3 2017, 9:04 PM 

Wow, surprised at such an informative response. Have learnt a lot from you as it already is. Luckily I checked back before going ahead with an order, saved me the trouble already.

My quest continues. Much thanks!

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(Login ferry.monne)

More than welcome

November 9 2017, 3:53 PM 

Hi Sy,

It is a jungle out there, there are a lot of strapmakers on FB who promote their straps and turn out to be a disappointment.

To be sure always put your questions here, there are plenty of Paneristi who are happy to help you out.

So us some wrist shots once the strap you got have reached!

I will pick up my PAM372 tomorrow after a full service, I wil share my experience once I am back from collecting my watch, I hope a lot better than the experiences I got in India... Of course I will share a few images, got a few new straps waiting for my PAM372 that need to be used ASAP!

Panerista since 2014

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