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Pam716 accuracy problem and new member intro

December 4 2017 at 3:32 PM
kevin  (Login mokytron)
from IP address

Hi all, one of my first posts here!
Been a long time lurker and Pam fan from way back!
Anyways just wanted to introduce myself finally.
My name is Kevin and I'm a photographer from Vancouver. Been hooked on and off with Pam since the early 2000s and quickly got into the whole strap addiction and collection.
Had a 112, 000, 380, 390, 233, 359 all at one point then it all just stopped for me for a few years and fell out of love with the brand. Fast forward to today and the wife surprised me with this year's anniv with a PAM716!!!!

Anyway, to get to the problem, I noticed last week that while the watch was maybe 6 hours into a full wind, it was lagging 10 minutes late. I corrected the time and matched it with another timepiece and it kept okay time. This weekend I left the watch fully wound and when I got back 2 days later, the time was 1hr and 20 minutes ahead. I again have since corrected the time and so far (12 hours) it is okay.

Anyone ever had this problem with the MN or other PAMS? does it sound like it just got magnetized?

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(Login DONAG)

Magnetized would cause it to run fast >>

December 4 2017, 4:30 PM 

Yours is running slow, fast and correct

Is the chrono section running? Really shouldn't affect the watch that much though.

Maybe going through a breaking in phase although the 1h 20m is fast

Wait a few weeks and see if it settles down and if not. Take it in for a check up


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(Login mokytron)

Re: Magnetized would cause it to run fast >>

December 5 2017, 2:28 AM 

hey don, i took it in this pm just to see what they can do. you would be 100% correct in thinking it is magnetized bec that was also my feeling. The manager is keeping the watch on site for a few days to "monitor" the watch after getting demagnetized she said. Weird was that she asked for the warranty booklet if in case they needed to send it out to the Panerai service centre in Toronto, when the watch itself was bought there about a month ago

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