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2nd Panerai to complement a 305

February 2 2018 at 6:14 PM
John  (Login UNCChiBK)
from IP address

I got a Panerai 305 in 2013 and love it...I was super lucky in that the TSA dropped my watch over the summer and my jeweler's policy covered a full service (through panerai) and even replaced the bezel. The back crystal had an unsightly scratch (I believe it occurred from sand on a beach) and I was able to to get Panerai to replace this for only $50 (AD had previously quoted $300).

Since I got it back in the Fall I have fallen in love with the piece all over again. But, I am considering adding a 2nd panerai to the mix, so I wanted to hear some thoughts on the following:

PAM 424


PAM 425

I like the design on the 424 but despite being the same size, the 425 wears much larger than the 424. I would probably add a black crocodile strap to the mix with the 424 for a classic look (much like PAM 376).

PAM 372 or PAM 423 are also outside contenders, but probably not a 422 as the face is quite similar to my 305.

I have also considered a 312 (now 1312) because it is such a classic design - but again the face is similar to my 305. I would probably try to find a 312 rather than get the current version. I also like the 312 because it is the Chicago area code and where I began my career - but that's no reason to get the watch!

What do you all think would be a good watch to complement a 305?

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Scott in PDX
(Login spstevens)

I was in a similar position last year...

February 2 2018, 8:45 PM 

and ended up with the 425.

I've had a PAM 24 for years and always wanted a Rad to help round out the collection. I was never in a position to buy any of the LE historical re-issues, but loved the look of the 249, 448/9 etc. Looking at pictures, I loved both the 424 & 425. I hemmed and hawed until I finally walked into an AD that had both. Seeing them both on the tray and on my wrist, the decision was clear. 1) the additional writing/lume/faux patina of the 424 made it, to me, more sporty and less refined 2) the 425 is a little dressier and I liked that, as I wear it regulatory with a collared shirt & sport-coat 3) no issue with the pig on the dial (or for that matter the non-LE status & details).

So that was my journey, but depending on what you like and how you'd wear them, you may end up with a different decision. But enjoy the trip. And congrats regardless of where you end up!


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