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1. [Mike Darwin's Chronosphere Blog thread where we see the original development of the Ettinger cryonics suicide theory]
2. [Cold Filter thread where discussion on this is attempted and suppressed]
3. [ColdFilter thread where Ettinger discusses cryonics suicide plan with me]
4. [YahooNewCryonet thread where Ettinger's case is discussed and where John Krug refuses to say when the case report will be available][Latest NewCryonet Posts]
5. Below in this forum.

The Original Ted Williams Cryonics Discussion Forum

Did Robert Ettinger, father of cryonics, perform his planned "cryonicide"?

2003/04: Welcome to TW Talk, the only discussion forum in the world dedicated to understanding the circumstances of Ted Williams' cyropreservation and to his eventual reanimation along with other cryonauts. No log-in required.

NEW July 2011: Robert Ettinger who kicked off the modern cryonics movement deanimated July 23, 2011. The Telephraph reported he was shipped back to Michigan, implying he was outside Michigan when he deanimated. [Google News for Telegraph article] No other blog or media article is pointing to this early report. No other cryonics advocate is pointing to this contradiction other than me. I was the first non-insider to discover that Ted was a head. Now I seem to have discovered that Ettinger may indeed have "cryonicided" (suicide for the purpose of cryonics). Bits of information I'm seeing are consistent with this, including predictable cover-up, denials, and gatekeeping. JULY 27 2011...NEWS FLASH.... [Jump to relevent thread here] David Ettinger reports (via email to me) that RCWEttinger "absolutely did not" perform any form of cryonics suicide

June 2016 - [Was Muhammad Ali given the Ted Williams Treatment?] (a one page blog entry to read after which you should return to this forum for updates below. Thanks-- RP.

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