SOD Sami Catches Rafe And Carrie kissing!

January 26 2012 at 2:40 PM
Dorothy595  (Login Dorothy595)

SOD~DAYS: Sami catches Rafe and Carrie Kissing

While Rafe and Carrie are practicing their dance for Sydney's birthday party, the couple gets too close for comfort just as Sami and Austin show up. They quickly pull apart, but it's too late. "At that moment, there is no denying the chemistry between Rafe and Carrie," ackowledges Galen Gering (Rafe). "Rafe didn't even want to do the dance. He did it for Sydney, and then he really got into it. He thought it was fun, and then he and Carrie shared this charged, sweet moment."

Rafe and Carrie swiftly stutter an explanation, but Sami and Austin don't believe them. Gering shares, "They tell Rafe and Carrie, 'You may have been doing this dance for the kids, but obviously something else was going on between you.' " Sami's focus shifts when she realizes that Sydney hasn't arrived for her own birthday party. She discovers that Will whisked off his kid sister to the Dimera mansion and goes balllistic. Sami heads there and blasts Ej for hijacking their daughter.

Later, Rafe tries to clear the air with Sami, but she gives him the brush-off and turns her attention to work. Gering previews, "When Sami doesn't make time for Rafe, he's stunned. It's like his feelings aren't valid. Rafe questions why he's not as important to Sami as her work."

Things get worse for Carrie and Rafe when they learn that her law firm will no longer front their business. Carrie considers closing shop and resuming her law practice in Switzerland. "Rafe is not a quitter," notes Gering, "whether it's in his realtionship or a case that he's working on. So when Carrie starts talking about closing down the business and going back to Switzerland, Rafe basically says, 'Hold on a second! We can make this work.' So Rafe resurrects the dream they had about their business and keeps it going. He lights a fire under Carrie."

Later, Carrie and Rafe catch a break in a big case that they've been working on. The two are so jubilant that unexpected feelings surface. "They're celebrating and out of the excitement, they [fall] into a kiss," says the actor. While Rafe and Carrie are caught up in the passion of the moment, Sami walks in. "Sami's not happy, to say the least," sighs Gering.

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