SOD: EJ is not Stefano's son!

April 12 2012 at 8:17 AM

Pat  (Premier Login Mrs.B.)

Stefanos world explodes this week as he turns his back on both EJ and Kate.

As the week begins, Stefano arranges a romantic dinner for Kate at the town square. Kate is still feeling remorse over having slept with Ian, notes Lauren Koslow. So this romantic gesture on Stefanos part adds to her guilt. Kate tries to mask her discomfort by asserting how deeply she loves Stefano, but his mood abruptly shifts and he announces that he knows about Kates sexcapades with Ian.

Kate is devastated, previews Koslow. First, Stefano informs Kate that the DiMera manse is no longer her home. Next, he reveals that Countess Wilhelmina has been taken away from her and turned over to Sami! Stefano turns her world upside down, sighs the actress.

Kate meets with Lucas and updates him on the disastrous turn her life has taken. Its a wonderful scene between the two of them, smiles Koslow. Lucas tries to comfort Kate. He says, We can fix this. We still have Hearth & Home. Thats when Kate tells her son, You dont get it. Weve lost everything, which means youve lost everything, too.

Determined to straighten everything out with Stefano, Kate goes to the mansion, only to discover that shes been locked out. EJ arrives and says that Stefano had all of her things removed. At first, EJ doesnt understand, states Koslow. He asks what Kate did to anger Stefano and then learns she slept with another man. But EJ doesnt turn against Kate because, as it turns out, hes having his own issues with Stefano. To Kates surprise, EJ comments that he expects to see his belongings tossed out, too. To a degree, the same thing is happening to EJ. Theyve both been betrayed by Stefano. They commiserate over it.

Stefano appears and orders Kate and EJ to leave. EJ insists that hes not going anywhere until Stefano explains his behavior. Meanwhile, Kate pleads with Stefano to give her another chance. Stefano brushes them off. Alone in his study, Stefano pulls out Alices letter from the safety deposit box, which reveals that EJ is not his biological son...

Source: Forbidden Love

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