Daily Spoilers for the week of June 18th

June 10 2012 at 4:15 PM

Pat  (Premier Login Mrs.B.)

Monday, June 18th
Brady agrees to a drug test, not knowing that Ian has been spiking his shakes; Maggie and Victor try to work through their problems; Victor tells Daniel about Nicole; Abigail skips a concert to spend time with Cameron.

Tuesday, June 19th
Will confronts E.J. about Stefano; Sami agrees to let Carrie help with Will's defense; Andrew kidnaps Melanie; Lexie and Abe spend an afternoon in their garden.

Wednesday, June 20th
Will tells the police he was at a gay bar the night of Stefano's murder, to Roman's dismay; Abe tries to deal with his loss; Gabi talks to Andrew about Melanie's absence.

Thursday, June 21st
Loved ones offer Abe and Theo support; Melanie attempts an escape; Chad and Abigail wonder about Melanie's departure; Sonny offers Will support.

Friday, June 22nd
Will sees E.J. with the document proving Stefano was not E.J.'s father; the news of Carrie's pregnancy thrills Kate; Daniel confronts Nicole about her manipulations.


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